Homeschool takes up so much of my creative juice that I just don’t have time to think of creative, healthy dinner ideas too!

Fortunately, I stumbled on DinnerPlanner! Its a wonderful site, that sends a new weekly menu to you every Friday. The thing that made me LOVE this plan, was that not only does it include a great meal list for the week, but they also give you a grocery shopping list, that’s color coded and separated out by section, so finding the food is super easy! They also include things you need, but probably have on hand, which reminds me to buy staples!

So far we have really liked the meals. We don’t like one for this week, so I’m just going to skip it, but otherwise they’ve been really yummy and they even include a dessert!

The DinnerPlanner also offers your choice of Family Dinner Menus and a Healthy Meals menu. You can give it a try with a Free Week Sample Menu!


  1. There is also a site called:www.youvegotsupper.comThey send you weekly menus and have ideas for sides. You click the ones you like/want to make and it creates your shopping list for you, broken down into categories. It's free…and you can search the archives for other recipes you like and add those recipes/ingredients to your shopping list for the week. I love it!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while, and you seem so on top of things I didn't know you were looking for dinner planning help! I would have told you about my site, http://www.DinnerBeat.com – free meal planning. It also creates a shopping list based on exactly what has been planned and (my favorite part) lets you link to friends to see what they are eating 🙂

  3. Are they fairly kid friendly? We're kind of meat and potatoes kind of folks who don't like anything too "out there". How would you describe the meals? Have you tried the healthy ones? Thanks.


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