Hi everyone! It’s that time of the year again! You know the one…when you realize that summer’s almost over and you barely remember it starting.

The one where you think “Yikes! I better order my curriculum so it’s here in time!”

Yep…that one.

I’ve had lots of emails asking about our curriculum choices for this year already, so I know you all are planning away out there too! Of course I’m happy to share our choices with you, but I also want you to stand firm in your own choices and not beat yourself up thinking you should’ve done something else just because I or any other blogger recommends it! Each family is different, and I know you’ve prayed over your choices, just as I have, so we can take comfort in knowing that we’re being obedient to our calling!

So here it is, our choices for the 2011-2012 school year! (Wow, I had a hard time typing 2012…I remember back when even the thought of the year 2000 was like back to the future hover-cars and stuff. But I digress…

Anyway, we’re starting something new this year. I’m tired of referring to my children as “my 2nd grader”, “my preschooler” blah blah, so I’ve come up with some fun names for them! Plus it just seems more personal while at the same time protecting their anonymity somewhat!

We’re branching out and trying some new things this year, I’m a little nervous, but I have the flexibility to change if need be, so I’m keeping an open mind.

So I’ll now introduce the players: BTW, they all (with the exception of The Teeny Tot), picked their own aliases. Teeny Tot was kind of already locked in.


First up we have “The Teeny Tot”. IMG_2844(Tot School)

You all know and love her already. She’s the only one with a pre-existing alias, which incidentally has become a nickname around here too. I know she’ll eventually out grow it, but I still love it!

The Teeny Tot is going to be doing some official Tot School Stuff this year. More to come on that ;o)….









Next in line is “Tinker Bell”: IMG_2829(Kindergarten)

You know her previously as the sweet little preschooler who modeled all of my Letter of the Week and K4 Curriculum for you! This year she’ll be your tour guide through Kindergarten!




Then we have “Turbo”: IMG_2821(2nd Grade)

He’s the sole boy in this crowd of girls poor dude, but he is all guy. I find his choice of aliases ironic considering he’s rarely in a hurry to do anything! He’s going to lead you through 2nd grade this year.


Finally is my firstborn, “Strawberry Shortcake”: IMG_2838(3rd Grade)

(She’s very tall for her age, but Strawberry Tall-cake just didn’t sound as good.) She’s a mini-me for the most part, very helpful and leader of the pack. She’s going to be your host for 3rd grade this year.

More awesome curriculum available on my website:

Letter of the Week:


K4 Curriculum:


Road Trip USA:


Expedition Earth World Geography:


Expedition Earth World Animals:


World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1


What is your curriculum line-up for next year? I’d love to hear what others are doing! And I hope you all have a wonderful homeschooling journey!


  1. Oh! I love seeing what everyone’s using for curriculum! I am constantly checking out new stuff I see 😉 I have a 4th, 3rd, K , and a 3yr old busybody! Here’s what we’re using this yr:
    Math-Math Mammoth
    English-First Language Lessons
    Writing-Writing with Ease
    Spelling-Spelling Workout
    History/Geography- History Odyssey
    Science- R.E.A.L. Science
    Handwriting- Zaner-Bloser
    Latin- Lively Latin (love it)
    Reading- Reading classic books for kids and record and discuss what they read.

    Thanks for sharing What you all do for curriculum! Have a wonderful school yr!!

    1. Hi Erin,
      I prefer the way Abeka teaches phonics. BJU uses this word family concept with several people to represent the different vowel sounds. I did try it but my kiddos were confused! That said, I prefer the BJU English over Abeka, so I just switch at grade 2 from Abeka to BJU. Actually Abeka is fine, it just doesn’t move as quickly teaching verbs, nouns, subjects etc as BJU does. So I guess I do a mix now LOL!

      1. I love Analytical Grammar by Robin Finely. She was a school teacher that developed the program. I have used it to teach in public school as well as homeschooling. It is a spiral program that once a part of speech has been introduced, the student is always responsible for it. Includes diagramming, punctuation, dialogue, etc. When I became a teacher grammar was a weak area for me…not anymore. I love it! Kids love it too! They easily see the rules in the grammar and quickly can pick apart any sentence once they learn the basics. http://www.analyticalgrammar.com

  2. Hi Erica
    I am very new to homeschooling, i am planning on starting in the fall. I love your site!
    I am wondering about the letter of the week curriculum and the k4, I have 3 boys and 1 is ready for grade 1 and 1 for preschool. Is the K4 and the lotw very different ? do both sets fit in your binders ? wondering for space issues .

  3. Hello

    What typing course did you use for your first grader? I used the FREE BBC typing course for my kindy.
    Will the typing instructor keep my first graders attention? Is this something she can do on her own time?

    Thank you!!

  4. Hi this is a little different becuase im a dad but a conserend parent just the same i am loooking into homeschooling my 2nd grader becuase he caught a virus from public school whichhe is now in the hospital for temporarly has lost ability to walk so im done with public schools now so me and my wife are wonder how expensive it is to homeschool and also how dificult it is to get him started. If can give me any ideas and or advice plz email me. Thank u for the info i have already gained from ur site.

  5. Hello
    my name is Joanna andI have a 7 year old daughter whom is ADHD, we are concidering home schooling her do to some situations we are dealing with in her current public school.
    She will be going into 2nd grade and I have no idea where to even start with her curriculum.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I need all the help I can get.
    Thank you

  6. Hello!

    We relocated to Colorado from Wyoming at the end of Jan 2014. We had used the K12 program in Wyoming and I am now looking for curriculum for this fall. I wanted to move away from the K12 options for a few reasons. I will have a 1st and 3rd grader this fall and would like to teach year round. Am I able to purchase your curriculum in bundles per grade? I have your road Trip USA and LOVE it! I want something complete for both kiddos and your post above looks like you have a full curriculum for both grades. Thank you in advance for your help! Have a blessed day!

    Miranda Philippi

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