I’m a fan of squirt guns as the next guy, but frankly the whole ‘refill’ situation tends to get annoying after…oh…say 1 time. But when I saw the state of our grass this year…well, I figured it’d be a good way to get some water on it.

My husband is always thinking ahead and before I could make a move, he had set up a huge bucket of water in the middle of the yard and given each kid a super soaker. These work really well in a swimming pool, but apparently the bucket does just as good a job at providing adequate soaking power.


We just sat on the patio, sipping some ice tea…and laughing.  The kids were literally soaking wet and loving every minute of it. That was when my husband looked over and said “Man…this is better than T.V.”…he cracks me up!


I love the faces on these guys. It’s so great to hear your kids laughing hysterically! Oh wait, that was my husband.


Gotta’ love lazy summer days! I hope you’re enjoying them too :o)


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