Well, the time has come for summer to end and school to start! Actually these pics are a little late in coming, we started school back up on August 15th, but I still wanted to share. You know…since I went to the trouble to put together this cute little platter of goodies and all. And since once I brought it out it was immediately demolished.



But wasn’t it cute to start out with?

We celebrated the end of summer with smores and neighbors. It was a nice night and I think a great way to end our summer fun!



And since these happy faces ensued, I guess it was all worth it! Not to mention Mama got to sit back and relax while Daddy roasted her the P E R F E C T marshmallow! All toasty and golden….yummmm!



So, farewell  ye summer…and hello fall! School is ON!

How did you all celebrate the close of summer in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear if anyone has end of summer or beginning of school traditions!


  1. The library is where we go. The children have finished their summer reading program for sometime now and it feels like a new year when we go check out new subjects for fall and fun.

    Love your tradition – especially the firepit and chocolate!

    xoxo michele

  2. We actually had a bonfire and smores too – but a big one in a rock ring. We use all the sticks that get blown down and just fall down out of the trees. Leaves and cut grass make great firestarters. But we still couldn’t get it started, so hubby decided to use gas. Well, lets just say that we now have a large scortch ring in the yard AROUND the fire pit – the fumes ignited and traveled. There are even foot prints where hubby was standing. Thankfully, no people were hurt in the creating of this story…

  3. We usually have a “Back to Homeschool Bash” with one of our homeschool groups. Lots of great food, fun games, etc… We won’t be starting school until October this year though, since we are headed to Europe next week for a month long field trip! So exciting!!! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your new school year.

  4. We have our vacation at this point. Most are back to school and the beach is pretty quiet. We have been doing school since August 15th and the break to talk and see what we need to tweek is good. We walk and find science things to discuss. This year it will be the weather. We will be on the southern Maine coast and it looks to be interesting weather, with “Irene” attending. Looking for some quick weather sites I can print from in order to get the most out of the STORM. We truly enjoy your site and always look to see what we can glean from those who have been doing this for a whil. Enjoy your year!

    Sharon Taylor
  5. Each year to start the new school year I take the kids out to breakfast and just enjoy their company. This year we also went to a nearby river and collected rocks to decorate because as we all know, SCHOOL “ROCKS!”. One other thing that happens each year is my husband writes a special note to each kid, and to me, for the start of the year. The kids really look forward to reading these letters of love and encouragement from their daddy. Molly

  6. Great idea! We celebrate the fact that the girls are at home rather than school every day of that first week back-to-school. This year, Daddy got off work early and we all went to the movies while everyone else was at school:)

  7. I like to start back to school with a fun lapbook for the first week. Last year I used the Barbie ballet movie one from Hands of a child. So cute! This year I used a princess one from HOAC for my 2nd grade daughter and a knight one for my Pre-K son. I also like to throw in a few surprises like crafts, etc.


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