Hi everyone! I love fall! With it comes crisp cool air, falling leaves, and warm dinners! Here’s my Monthly Meal Plan for September 2011. I made a few changes to some of the meals and snacks, hope you enjoy!




Click Below to Download:

Tip: If the documents won’t open in your browser, just RIGHT click on the download link you want and select “SAVE LINK AS”, you will be prompted to save the file to your computer.

Hope you have a wonderful September, and meal planning is off your “to-do” list!


  1. whole grain cereals low in sugar, oatmeal with flax seed,agave and blueberries and eggs are easy options for a balanced breakfast that will fill them up for a while…and they don’t require a lot of work in the kitchen! protein and fiber are key!

  2. I usually only grocery plan by the week unless I am making freezer meals for the month, but the one month that I did plan for the month, I saved so much time and money and most of all, stress. It seems like a lot of work, but seeing yours done on a spreadsheet, makes me think it would totally be do-able. Thank you for sharing this and including resources such as the sheet and some of the recipe links.

  3. I just want you to know that I think you are amazing! I have 2 kids of my own Thomas is 10, Macey is 9. I have two Foster kids Shaun is 8 and Kayla is 3. I will be staying home and doing preschool with Kayla this year and have found your website amazing! You don’t find many Christian based blogs for Mom’s of 4 🙂 You are truly an inspiration to me 🙂

    Kim Jasmin

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