I’ve been getting several emails wondering what our 2013-2014 homeschool curriculum choices are! And even though I feel like our summer just started, I guess it’s about that time again!

As usual during our summer break I’ve been planning like crazy, and trying to get everything in order.

AND…I am trying one new thing this year thanks to my English forum, so thank you all for participating, I hope it helped you out as much as it did me!


So without further ado, here is our curriculum line up for the 2013-2014 school year!


Teeny Tot: Preschool letter of the Week with some K4 Kindergarten mixed in. I don’t want to do full Kindergarten with her just yet. She’s , so I’m going to slowly mix in K4 items as she’s ready.


Tinkerbell (2nd Grade)



Turbo (4th grade) & Strawberry Shortcake (5th Grade)

So that’s it! Our 2013-2014 curriculum lineup!

P.S. We’re in the process of moving, so we’ve actually started school a bit early this year so we can take a couple weeks off here shortly to move. I’ll keep you all posted on our new school area, and moving adventures!

Need more ideas? Check out the awesome curriculum available on my website!

Letter of the Week:


K4 Kindergarten Curriculum:


Road Trip USA & Road Trip USA Animals!


Expedition Earth World Geography & Animals of the World:


World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1 & Vol. 2


World’s Greatest Composers Vol 1


Classic Literature Unit Studies


Scientists & Inventors Unit Studies:



  1. First, let me say “thank you” for all the wonderful ideas & suggestions you continue to post. I just bought your Pre-K curriculum and can’t I wait to get started. I was also thinking about purchasing the Grapevine traceable for my little one…I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to which unit to start with? Anything you’ve found to be easier for the little ones to understand? Or just jump right in anywhere?

  2. Hi Erica!
    I noticed you have used BJU Press for English/Grammar in the past and this year you switched to Rod & Staff. I’ve been researching them both and trying to decide between the two. I have a son who will be in third grade for the 2014/2015 school year. Since you’ve used them both, what are your likes and dislikes? Which one do you think you will continue with? Thanks!

  3. I am a first time homeschooler and I have a 6th grader and 4th grader. Do you teach both Turbo and Strawberry Shortcake the same curriculum? I feel like that might be a little easier for me. My kids are actually only 15 months apart and since my sons birthday landed a couple days after school registration he had to wait a whole year to start Kinder-so he would normally be a year behind my daughter. I am just going back and forth with that to do and feeling overwhelmed. Any advice will help me so much!!


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