Looking for a handy visual alphabet reference for your students? I’ve created this for Tinker Bell so she has something on her desk that she can look at when working on her handwriting.

I’ve found that keeping something close by really helps in proper letter formation. If they can’t quite remember how a letter is formed, they can quickly glance at their desk mate alphabet strip and in the words of Tinker Bell….Voila’!

Soooo….I present the Manuscript Desk Mate:


And just because I know there are a bunch of you working on Cursive…the Cursive Desk Mate:


And don’t worry, I didn’t forget all you D’Nealian fans out there either!


The download includes all 3 fonts, and 2 sizes of each Alphabet Desk Mate, one 8×11 and one 18×4 so hopefully one of the sizes and fonts will work for your student!

Click here to download the Alphabet Desk Mate!

I hope this helps out your kiddos with their handwriting!


  1. Can’t wait to use in my Pre-K classroom… this will be so cheerfully inviting to my children. Which is exactly what I want for the children I work with everyday. By the way ditto to Abby #4. ..number line! Thank you, Erica!

  2. Hi Erica~
    I’d love to print out the alphabet desk mate for my kinder but am having trouble loading it-is it still available? I LOVE your website-it has been such a huge help as we will be starting our first year of homeschooling in a week. Thank you so much for all your tips!!!

  3. Thanks so much for generously letting us use this! My daughter is dyslexic and is constantly having to check to see which way to write letters and numbers. This will make it less of a big deal for her! The cursive will come in handy!


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