1. Thank you for this monthly meal plan. I’m really amazed by the way we manage to do this! I can’t even plan for a week! (as I’m working this could definitely be helpful!) I really enjoy your blog! You are so creative! Thanks a lot for sharing all your ideas with us.

  2. This meal plan is amazing! I’m happy to plan a month of dinners, let alone lunch and breakfast too! We like to hang loose for those meals and just have leftovers (lunch) or protein shake, cereal or fruit for breakfast.

  3. You always have smoothies on your plan but I never see a recipe for them. Could you post one one day because I really have trouble in the kitchen. Just this morning we had a pancake disaster! Thanks for such an awesome blog!

    Abby johnson
  4. Thanks for posting your meal plans! We have been using many of your meal ideas for our own weekly plans! I just have a quick question– do you usually just repeat each month? I printed out January’s meal plan, and it looks like February is the same. Am I just not seeing things correctly, or is that what you usually do? Thanks! : )

  5. I stumbled upon your blog through pinterest and have since started following you on my blog. My baby boy is a year old and I am currently a 7th grade public school teacher but I am adamant about homeschooling my son and hopefully homeschooling several others kids that are of similar age in a few years. So I REALLY appreciate your blog as I am already compiling ideas and suggestions! I have already gleaned so many ideas from you and also appreciate the fact that you are Christ followers and work that into their education. THANK YOU!

    With that said, thanks for the meal plan! Holy cow! Do you know how much time this is going to save me? I was so excited to see this and to see that I, being a picky eater unfortunately, can eat pretty much all of it! You are amazing. I wish we lived near each other because I feel like you would be the perfect person to sit and have coffee with! Thanks for all the work you do and all the things that you make available.

    From one mom to another and from one teacher to another….YOU ROCK!


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