Hi everyone, welcome to “What’s in the Box Wednesday?” Preschool version! And yes, I do use workboxes for all of my kiddos, even the Teeny Tot! Actually that’s about all that’s saved my sanity this year! Preschool can be really easy and fun as long as you take it easy and remember to be flexible!

The Teeny Tot is working on the Letter E for Elephant this week, so here are some of her workboxes.


1. Elephant Lacing card: As you can see I put everything she needs in each box. This one was just a shoe lace and the elephant card. I will usually tie one end on the elephant just so she has a starting spot.



2. Elephant Letter Match Game: Since the Teeny Tot is only 3 1/2 years old, I don’t want to overwhelm her with the whole alphabet to choose from so I pick out just the letters she needs. As she get’s better at this, I’ll pick out a few extras and toss them in. For now she likes to use up all her letters though and I think it would just confuse her to have letters that didn’t match anything in the bowl.



3. Elephant Pre-Writing Practice: I’ve laminated my sheets and then I just give her some colorful expo dry-erase markers to choose from and an eraser. She usually writes on all the cards, then I’ll have her erase them. She is also responsible for putting her finished games back into her workboxes before moving on to a new box. It just helps with responsibility and learning to clean up after herself!



4. Elephant Number Cards: For now I’m only having her do numbers 1-5 when we do activities like this one, eventually I’ll add in the rest to number 10. I put the cards in order on her desk, then count along each one with her. Then I direct her to take card #1 and put 1 clothes-pin on it. I repeat those instructions for each card. She’s learning to follow instructions at the same time as counting and number recognition here!



5: Elephant Large Floor Numbers: Right now Strawberry Shortcake does this activity with the Teeny Tot. She lays them out in numerical order then calls out the numbers as the Teeny Tot hops on each one. Then they say the numbers together, as their picking up the cards. It works really well!



6: Color Matching Puzzles & an Elephant Puzzle: In the last drawer she has 2 puzzles. One cup has colored elephants cut in half in various ways that she has to match together. Once her colors are all together she points at each one and says the color. Then she picks them up and puts them back in the cup.

For the Elephant puzzle, she just works the puzzle. If she needs help Strawberry Shortcake or I will help her out. I only cut these into 6 large pieces, so they’re pretty easy for beginners. Again, she puts them back in the cup and into her drawer when done.



7. Elephant Scissor Skills: Cutting with scissors is a great way to work on fine-motor dexterity. Plus it’s fun! For this activity, I simply direct the Teeny Tot to try to cut along the lines. If you have a newbie scissor user, it might help if you hold the paper while they try to cut along the lines, you’ll also have to help them hold the scissors properly. After awhile you’ll notice an improvement in their accuracy and ability to hold the paper on their own as well.



Well, that was all for her boxes for the day, tomorrow she will have new Letter E activities in the boxes. At this age I really let her pick what she wants to do, but I don’t force her. If she’s getting frustrated, then we call it quits and I let her play a game or do play-doh or something fun. If she doesn’t complete all of the activities, I’ll just leave what she didn’t do in her drawers for the next day.

How long does school take for a preschooler? 

I keep the Teeny Tot’s school to about an hour maximum unless she’s asking for more. Some days she’ll stay in the room working on things with us for the entire time, some days she’ll do a few activities, then color, look through a picture book, or play a game while we finish. I try to be fairly flexible at this age, my whole goal is to create an environment that makes her want to learn, instead of one that makes her dread the words ‘school time!’.

Once she gets closer to 4 years old, I’ll start to require that she does a little more before she can be done for the day, but at 3 I don’t think there’s a need to be too rigid.

Those are just some of the activities she’ll do this week, click here to see all of my  Letter E for Elephant games!



  1. I love this idea. Do you think modified it would work for a 2 year old?? She can already identify the whole alphabet so I am trying to continue teaching her words now. Some people tell me to stop because she will be too far ahead. 🙁 any ideas?

    1. Britaine,
      I cannot believe someone told you to stop teaching. You continue to do what you thinks is best. It is never too early to teach your child. Im teaching my 2 years old child right now.


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