Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying this week’s IHN Back-ToSchool Blog Hop!

Today I’m going to share the details on how I made our really easy homemade reading nook! Okay, not the bench part, but the cushion at least!



Remember that left over peg board from my desk stabilizing efforts? Well, I convinced my husband to cut this bad boy into the exact size to fit the top of my Ikea Besta Shelf Unit.



Next I went to JoAnn’s Craft Store and purchased some 3” foam, cute fabric, and some fabric glue called Fabric Fusion.



I laid out the fabric pretty side down, then added the foam and finally the peg board.



Next I folded up the fabric along the short edges, and ran a strip of the fabric glue along the edge. Then we stapled the corners  along the short side down using a staple gun.



Next I folded up and secured the corners so that the edges are smooth on the side that will be showing.



Here is a close up of the corner. I’m sure there are better ways to fold these, but I’m not exactly a seamstress, so this is what I came up with!



We repeated these steps all the way around the board, gluing then stapling the edges all the while pulling the fabric taut.



Next we flipped it over to see our completed cushion!



Next we put the cushion in its new home on our reading bench and added some accent pillows to create an inviting little reading nook for everyone!



And here it is along the wall with all of the other shelving units.




  1. It’s been a few years since you made the no-sew cushion… if you still have and use it, has the fabric held up? I’m wondering if the material stretched and loosened over the years. Thanks!

  2. Have you discovered the staples poking you when you compress the cushion? I like the idea but I would think the sharp ends of the staples would poke people sitting down on the cushion.

    Brian Leitzinger
  3. Morning, loving your work! I purchased a new sofa because of the style (fainting sofa), with the idea to re-cover with a more desirable cloth. I would like to know if I should pull off the new cover or glue the new fabric. If so, what instructions could u conclude as the best possible glue and instructions. I have viewed may post and have not received not one response, thanks

    1. I’m sorry I don’t understand your question. I created a homemade bench covering using a staple gun as shown in the blog post. I don’t know the best way to re-cover a couch, but I’m sure Google would have that answer 🙂

  4. This is very helpful, I am wanting to redecorate my daughter’s room and had a vision but not “crafty” enough to design. I am going to use several of the tips you provide for your design and use for her room which I am going to pull off as a Christmas surprise! Thanks!!

    ~ Jay


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