Have you been looking all over for a Place Value Practice Board that goes all the way to 100,000,000 but can’t find one anywhere? Well look no further! To help Strawberry Shortcake with her place value notation this year, I created a fun flip chart to help her with her Math U See lessons. She has a hard time keeping everything in it’s place when the numbers get so large, and I thought this would be a good visual for her.



  • Printer with lots of ink ;o)
  • 4 sheets of durable cardstock
  • Lamination
  • Spiral bind (I took mine to Office Depot)


STEP 1: Print pages 3-6 on cardstock and laminate for durability

STEP 2: Cut out the cover page, and back page. Cut out the 0-9 number strips LEAVING THE STRIPS WHOLE – Do NOT cut apart individual numbers yet. (See below, ignore the fact that mine is already bound…yours won’t be at this stage.)



STEP 3: Take the pages to a local office supply store and have them spiral bound with a white spiral binding. (See above!)

STEP 4: Carefully cut along the lines to separate each individual number strip. (See below)



STEP 5: Start building numbers as needed to help with place value practice!



–> Download the Place Value Practice Board<–

I hope you enjoy this fun and helpful math tool!


  1. If you don’t have a high quality printer or If you are looking to save ink – mine just don’t print as nicely as the big color copier ar Staples.Lakeshore Learning sells this. It’s large, laminated, spiral-bound, pre-cut and colored (no ink cartridges) lol. It also has a free standing base for calendar time use or desktop / floor learning exploration.

    Samantha Lehmann
    1. The one at lakeshore doesn’t go up to 100,000,000. That’s why I made it, Strawberry Shortcake’s math numbers were that big and she was having issues figuring out how many zeroes she needed. The ones you can buy only go to 1,000,000.

  2. This is wonderful!

    I think I’ll make an extra row of just blank colors to help my son remember he doesn’t have to put the zeros in front of his number (ie. 10 not 000,000,010) which has historically been a small area of confusion for him.


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