Hi everyone! I have a fun review and discount special just for you, my COAH readers today!



My children have been enjoying the Friends and Heroes DVDs for a while now, and I just recently learned they also have homeschool curriculum that goes with their DVDs!

I immediately contacted the company to see if I could do a review of the units. They currently offer 13 different unit studies which are geared towards students 7-11 years of age, and they blend visual learning, with hands-on activities to help cover all learning styles.

We promptly received the Long Journey study along with the homeschool unit printables disk to go along with the study. The Long Journey covers the story of Daniel and the lion’s’ den and Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish.  My kiddos already love the Friends and Heroes DVDs so this will be a fun addition to our Bible study curriculum plans for our year!

Homeschool Unit Study Includes:

  • Each DVD features two themed Bible stories (usually one Old and New Testament).
  • CD-ROM printables that can be used with multiple children.
  • Parent’s/Teacher’s Lesson Guide including answer keys and certificates of completion.
  • Student Workbook of activities
  • Friends and Heroes DVD containing a full length adventure episode.

Each unit study contains a lesson pack with hands-on, fun worksheets to go along with the DVD. Students will watch a fun DVD lesson then complete the resources that accompany each unit. The units include topics such as history, geography, science (creation-based), creative writing, Bible study, crafts, and discipleship.

What’s the cost?

Each unit study costs $29.99, or you can buy the entire series.

Fun Features:
The friends and Heroes site also has a fun interactive children’s website at www.friendsandheroes.tv that is loaded with video clips, games, Bible stories, historical background information for the series and downloadables! And the best part is it is all FREE!


As promised, I have a special limited time discount on the Friends and Heroes homeschool curriculum!

From now until July 31, 2013 Friends and Heroes are offering the following discounts to my readers only!

  • 20% off Friends and Heroes Homeschool resources
  • 10% off other Friends and Heroes curriculum resources
  • Plus, the price of the Friends & Heroes DVDs for home use has recently been reduced by 25%!

Want to take advantage of this special pricing? Visit the Friends and Heroes special COAH discount page!

I hope you enjoy this curriculum, we’re excited to add it to your lessons for our upcoming year!


  1. i have heard of these for a while but never seen them. im pretty picky about which kids Bible stories my kids watch because i cant stand it when the stories dont go along with scripture. does anyone have any insight on that? Do the DVDs show the story the way the Bible describes it? I know some has to be speculation but as long as it shows the story the way scripture says it im ok with a little common sense spectulation. Thanks for any comments you all may have!

      1. Hi Rachel,
        I think you’re referring to the image of Moses standing with the sun in the background while God parted the Red Sea. If you watch the video you’ll see he spoke of how God was on their side and then in the video it shows him watching as the sea parted. The sun is just in the background, it is not Moses worshiping the sun. But again, you’re welcome to contact the company if you have concerns. I haven’t seen anything yet that isn’t Biblical.

      2. Hi Rachel,

        I’m not sure how one would get the idea that Friends and Heroes points toward “sun” worship, unless it is a misinterpretation of some of the images as Erica suggests.

        As a company, our first objective has always been to reach children with the stories of the Bible and we affirm the statement of faith of the National Association of Evangelicals which can be found at http://nae.net/statement-of-faith.

        If you have other questions about our resources or company, feel free to contact us at usa@friendsandheroes.com. We would love to hear from you!

        Tom Stilwell
        Friends and Heroes USA Team

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