Hi everyone! I have a fun art project to share with you today. And best of all you can really do it with almost any aged students!


I’ve seen this floating all over the blog-o-sphere, and it looked like so much fun we just had to try it.

I don’t know what the official name of this project is, but I’m going with “Black Glue Resist” just because it sounds cool.

And it looks cool too!

And it’s easy.

And I like easy crafts that turn out looking cool.

So let’s get started with the fun shall we?


  • white craft glue
  • black tempera paint (Ours was the washable kind from Lakeshore Learning.)
  • water color paint
  • paint brushes
  • pencil
  • BBQ Skewer for stirring
  • thick water color paper, or prepared canvas

STEP 1: Add some black paint to your white craft glue and stir with a chopstick, BBQ skewer, or whatever else you have. I also shook it up a bit and that helped mix the black paint into the glue. If it looks grey, just add a little more black paint. I’m sorry I didn’t measure this exactly, I just squeezed some paint in and went for it.




STEP 2: Draw your design on paper with a pencil. You can do any design you like, even something abstract. Let your imagination run wild!



STEP 3: Trace over the pencil lines using the black glue concoction. Encourage students to take their time with this part. It also helps if you drag the tip along the paper as you squeeze out the glue.



As you can see, even the Teeny Tot was able to do this activity. She’s currently 4, almost 5 years old. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how well she was able to trace the lines.



STEP 4: Now comes the hard part…waiting for the glue to dry. Once your design is completely done, let the project sit overnight to harden.



STEP 5: Once your project is completely dried, it’s time to paint! We used water color paints which worked really well. Since they’re a bit transparent they won’t cover the black glue…hence the resist in the title.



Let your kiddos paint away to their little hearts content!



As you can see Strawberry Shortcake went for a more intricate design. Since some of her lines were really thin, we opted to outline some of her project with a black sharpie because the glue was too thick. So her painting was a mix of black glue and sharpie, but in the end it all turned out great.



The Teeny Tot had a lot of fun painting her butterfly! As you’ll notice she takes this kind of thing very seriously. And she was adamant that she did not need any assistance from anyone.



Here are some of our finished projects…TinkerBell painted her favorite pig.



Here is Strawberry Shortcake’s painting. As you can see, it’s hard to tell between the sharpie and black glue, so I think it was still a success.



And here is Turbo’s version. He is always the master of abstract art, this is just a sample of what the kid can do with a graphic design type pattern.


It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the glue creates a puffy texture on the art work giving it a stained glass type feel.

Or that of those fun velvety posters from the 70’s.

Not that I actually remember those first hand or anything.

Moving on…

Try this! It’s fun and you’re kiddos will have a great time. If you do, make sure to leave a link below or send me a picture!


  1. What a fun idea we are going to do this. Where do you get those trays to do art in? Those are awesome!
    If you can please email me directly, I will never remember to get back on here. Thanks so much!

    Cindy Howe
  2. Ohhh – We will be trying this immediately! Thanks for the idea 🙂 How careful did she have to be not to have the watercolor bleed over the sharpie and was it an issue at all with the glue in place if it gets too wet for the youngers? – Thanks!

  3. Reply here is you wish that Erica could teach your children, or better yet if you could just participate in her activities with her! Another fantastic idea, thank you Erica for all that you share with us, you are such an inspiration.

  4. We’re new to your site but I’m so excited to have found this project today. We are going to make paintings for the grandparents as Christmas gifts this year. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. This project was amazing!! I did a practice one on my own before doing it with my 2 and almost 4 yr old. The only thing is…I wish I knew exactly what the paint:glue ratio was. Mine seemed a little more paint than glue and it wasn’t puffy 🙁 but regardless; it’s not about me. My kids will LOVE doing this. Thanks for all of your ideas. What a blessing.


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