Hi everyone! We haven’t been to the Butterfly Pavilion in a few years, so the kids were excited to take a tour again this past year. This time Jason was able to come with us, and the kids are always excited when Daddy joins in on the fun!


The Butterfly Pavilion is really fun, but doesn’t take that long to go through. I think we only spent about an hour and a half in there this time around.

But it’s still a cool experience. And if you can call ahead to see when they’re releasing new butterflies that’s a really cool thing to see too!



They always have the most beautiful butterflies in there. While you’re not supposed to touch the butterflies, they are allowed to land on you. Apparently our Daddy was popular amongst the butterfly population.



These white and black ones were super cool!


They also have an insect area and a very small aquarium with some starfish and horseshoe crabs that the kids can touch. They opted to hold Rosie the tarantula. They’re very careful with her there, but allow everyone to take turns holding her. Except for me. Because I’m afraid of giant spiders. Even though they swear she’s friendly.



Hmmm….what’s going on here? Sorry about that folks, move along…nothing to see here.



They also had this little dude wandering around on the ground. Gotta’ watch where you’re stepping and the sky for flying butterflies at the same time!


I’m not sure what all of these flowers are, but oh my goodness they’re beautiful! I took almost as many pictures of flowers as I did of the butterflies!



We went with some friends which is always more fun! Their green stickers signify that they were brave enough to hold the tarantula. I didn’t get one as you can probably guess.



And lastly my favorite flower the hibiscus. They’re so pretty and they make me feel like going to a luau. I did have on flip-flops which helped my Hawaiian day dream out a little bit.



Here is Miss Lady Bug checking out the giant moths. They’re so pretty when they’re open!



And that was it for our Butterfly Pavilion tour! Have you ever gone or have something similar in your area? I think it’s a little bit expensive for how long it takes to go through. But it’s also really fun and interesting to go to at least once for sure!

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. We visited the Sertoma butterfly house in Sioux Falls, S.D. this summer on part of our little road trip. We had a very fun time. Our experience sounds very similar to yours! Thanks for sharing!

    Jen H.
  2. The Atlantis Aquarium on Long Island has a Butterfly Room and Bird Room. I don’t know if I could spend that much time in there though! Mini absolutely loves it but I’m not a fan. I like the bird room more.

  3. Where is this place? I googled butterfly pavilion and didn’t get any results. I live in the Willamette Valley and was thinking if you went from SW Washington, it would probably be a good day trip. Can you give me the city or website so I can look it up? Thanks!


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