Hi everyone! This past summer we took a hike along the Castlewood Canyon near Franktown, CO. This is really close for us, and a beautiful area for hiking as well as nature walking. There are several loops you can take depending on what fits your family best, including a paved trail as well.



I also find this is a great way to get everyone outdoors, off of electronics, and just experiencing the amazing nature all around us!


We happened to go on a somewhat warm day, so everyone was nice and sweaty by the time we were done, but they all had a great time and enjoyed the scenery.

The views here were beautiful, and the trail was nicely lined with foliage which helped with the heat.





We found a few fun caves to explore as well as a nice large rocks to climb up on take a break!




See what I mean by big rocks LOL!



There was also a river running through the canyon with this fun bridge crossing.



As you can see we ventured off road and deep into the canyon. Our whole trip was only a few miles though so everyone was able to make it without troubles. We saw a lot of wild life, plant life, and we also learned how to identify poison ivy which is always a good thing to know!



Here we are at the end of our hike. As you can see everyone is a bit red and hot! I think they all voted to empty the remainder of their water bottles over their heads once we were done! Sadly we came out in the wrong spot, and had to trek about a half a mile across the hot parking lot to get back haha!


Well that’s it for our Castlewood Canyon hike, we hope to be able to come back again soon to get out and enjoy the scenery!

Happy Homeschooling!

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