Learn How To Teach MATH in your Homeschool!

In this eCourse I’ll show you my tips to reduce frustration, make math fun, and increase understanding!

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Need Help teaching Math to your students?

Here are some of the most common frustrations for homeschooling families…

  • Frustration over teaching new concepts
  • Figuring out why your student doesn’t comprehend the material
  • Choosing the correct math curriculum for your family
  • You’re not sure how to make math meaningful (i.e. applying math to real life)
  • You’re not sure how to make math fun
  • You are not sure how to get help

Teaching math is NOT always easy, and as a matter of fact it can become quite frustrating for both you and your student.

But I am here to help show you how to reduce the frustration caused by teaching and learning math for you and your student and make your math curriculum fit your family’s needs best!

Don’t let your curriculum control you, instead let your unique needs direct your curriculum!


I have designed this course to help you reduce frustration levels, make math hands on and fun, make math meaningful to your students lives, and make it so you can have your best year yet!

Through this eCourse I’ll be there to share my tips on making math fun, engaging, hands-on and stress free!

Together we’ll make your homeschooling journey fun and inspiring!

Introducing my new How to Teach series…

*** How to Teach MATH ***

Learn Helpful Strategies For Making Math Fun, Engaging, and Hands-on!

This is a self-paced single video class that includes several BONUS downloads to help you make math less stressful and reduce frustration for you and your student! Once you join the course you’re welcome to download the materials and view the video lessons at your leisure making it super flexible to fit your schedule!

  • Discover how to make math hands-on (No matter which curriculum you’re using)
  • Learn how to reduce frustration levels
  • Incorporate daily activities to make math meaningful
  • Learn how to make math fun
  • Use math to encourage family time


It’s easy to enjoy the course online via your computer and your mobile devices!

Homeschool Organization Course Devices

Here are just some of the things you’ll get with my EXCLUSIVE

How to Teach MATH eCourse

  • Math PDF bundle with tons of ideas to make math fun.
  • Discover how to make math hands-on (No matter which curriculum you’re using)
  • Learn how to reduce frustration levels!
  • Learn a variety of ways to make math understandable for your unique student.
  • Learn how to make math fun
  • Learn how to use math to promote family time!
  • Get ONLINE support and encouragement!

BONUS!! Get my Mega Math Bundle FREE!


I’ve added my Mega Math Bundle into this course as a freebie for you all to help make learning math more fun and hands-on!

  • BONUS #1 – Course Exclusive: Math PDF with information on websites, games, apps
  • BONUS #2FREE Mega Math Bundle
  • BONUS #3Math Forum where you can ask me questions!


Join me TODAY…

And start enjoying your homeschooling journey!


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  1. Why is math so hard??? ::insert whiny voice:: Thank you for this. I need to switch some things up for the 6th grade year (ESPECIALLY in math!) and I’m glad I stumbled across this. Definitely bookmarked so I have it when I start planning in a month or so!

  2. Heya.
    There are numerous ways in order to teach math. You can use a abacus in addition to introduce simple math skills. Or you can count the number of windows in a house too. You can try workbooks.


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