Happy Thursday friends! I reorganized and rearranged my sewing room, so it’s sewing room tour day! I love the new layout and don’t worry, everything in my room is linked below!

Watch my 2022 Sewing Room Tour Video here!

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I hope you enjoyed my sewing room tour!

If you just started quilting or sewing, check out my How to Quilt Series!


  1. Hi Erica,

    Love your channel and sewing room tour! Quick question – where do you typically store your quilts after you display/use them? Do you prefer a chest or cabinet? I’m personally drawn to glass cabinets so you can see them inside but I know over time light could impact the colors. Any thoughts would be appreciated -and I apologize if you have already addressed this and I missed it – thank you!!

    1. Hi! I have them all over the house LOL! I change them out for the seasons, I have some in baskets, ladders, over furniture, and the ones not in use are folded in my closet. I do try to keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t fade.

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