Welcome friends! I have recently become addicted to the world of English Paper Piecing and I wanted to share it with you as well! I’m going to be doing a three-part series for English Paper Piecing where I will share everything you need to know to get started! Today I’ll share how I choose my fabric, how to fussy cut, and how to baste your pieces.


  • English Paper Piecing Part 1 will focus on my favorite supplies
  • English Paper Piecing Part 2 will focus on how I choose fabric and cut and baste the pieces
  • English Paper Piecing Part 3 will focus on how to sew the pieces together to create something amazing!

I hope you’ll join me for this fun series, so let’s dive right in!

Watch Erica’s English Paper Piecing Pt. 2: Choosing Fabric & Basting here:

If you missed it, check out Erica’s English Paper Piecing Pt. 1: Supplies here!


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