It’s time for Block #12 in our 2023 Sew With Me series. Join me as I teach you how to make some of the most fun and classic quilt blocks!

Throughout this series, I hope to teach you some new skills, tips, and tricks, and at the end of the series, we will have a fun selection of blocks to sew together into a sampler quilt.

Watch the 2023 Sew With Me Block #12 video tutorial here!

The blocks will be released on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Each block will have a video tutorial and free PDF download.

Are you ready to join in on the fun? 

->>Download the 2023 Sew With Me Block #12 PDF Pattern here!

2023 Sew With Me Details

Are you ready to join in the fun? 

Visit our 2023 Sew With Me Launch Post for fabric requirements and sew-a-long details!


  1. We have a small sewing group which have chosen to use your sampler blocks to learn innovative techniques we were not necessarily familiar with before. It has been a fun journey!! We have definitely learned some new things!

  2. Thank you Erica! I loved your series and cannot wait until you release the finished block. I did not get around to do this beautiful block series yet, as I am busy with 4 other quilts. I promised myself to finish those first, before your wonderful creation. I think I am going to do it in blue and white and am looking forward to your final video. When will you release it? On the 2nd Thu of JAN?
    I love your sewing studio. Looks very pretty, well organized and I marvel at all the other things you are doing. Quite a busy lady you are ☺. Unfortunately Amazon does not deliver to Namibia, therefore no orders of material can be made.
    Much love, from Namibia

    Tina Seiler
  3. Hi Erica! I don’t know if you received my email earlier and then I noticed I did not leave my name and email address. My question is I am having a problem with Block #12. I cut “C” according to the pattern (2 squares of 3 1/2 each). I then cut these two together to have the 1/2 triangles. These triangles are too small unlike what I see in the tutorial. Please advise me of what I need to do. Love this Sew Me!!!

    Lillian Tirado
    1. Hi Lillian, I believe I emailed you back as well, but the C triangles are a bit smaller than the 9-patch unit. Just center them on the colored center square and then when you press them back and trim down the block you’ll see you have plenty of fabric 🙂

  4. Hi Erica, Thankyou for your Sew With Me monthly blocks for 2023 and can’t wait for finishing layout tutorial. l haven’t been doing quilting very long and from what you present each month I am looking forward to having a go. Do you have a date when the finished layout will be available as I live in Western Australia.


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