The ADVENTure of Christmas!

Okay, since its November and I’m freaking out because frankly, the last thing I remember was August 14th when we started school, everything after that’s been a blur! Ya, don’t remember a thing, except that I woke up this morning and realized that I haven’t even THOUGHT about Christmas cards! Okay, sorry about that minor freak out, I’m better now…sort of.

One thing I wanted to share that we do each December is take time off our regular curriculum and do the activities in this book:

Its so much fun, Lisa Whelchel has made 25 activities that bring our holiday back to its true meaning: Jesus! You can do 1 activity a day as a countdown, or just pick ones that look fun! I highly recommend this book!

Just so you know what you’re getting, here are some topics covered in the book:

  • Advent Wreath
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Lights on the Tree
  • Ornaments on teh Tree
  • The candy cane
  • The Star
  • Christmas Greetings
  • Outdoor lights
  • The colors of Christmas
  • Angels
  • Candles
  • Christmas Cards
  • Baking
  • Caroling
  • The 12 Days of Christmas
  • Wrapping Gifts
  • Giving Gifts
  • Santa Claus (Who he really was!)
  • Nativity Scenes
  • The Wise Men
  • December 25th
  • Opening Presents
  • Christmas Dinner
  • The Christmas Story

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


  1. That looks neat. I'll go check it out!Oh and I'm in shock that it's November too!

    • , Dear Mommy, I love you with all my heart and soil . Such a sweet innocent liltte boy. I loved it so much that he mispelled soul. How precious. I have cherished that liltte letter all these years and it still brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart overjoyed when I see it or think about it, like now. Thank you for such an interesting and inspirational website. I felt like I was taking a mini vacation. I pray God’s continued blessings to you and your family. Connie Cule

  2. We love this book and have used it for several years!

  3. we have this book also, last year I got it 10 days before Christmas and tried to rush through it, this year we will be doing every day, even if we don’t do all the crafts and such. I am also using Truth in the Tinsel.

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