Paper Snowflake Craft

As part of our Advent activities we made these fun paper snowflakes to decorate our school room.

Using plain copy paper, fold over one corner to make a triangle, and cut off the excess.

IMG_2210 IMG_2202

Then with that still folded in a triangle, fold over 1/2 to make a smaller triangle, then fold the other half in the opposite direction:

IMG_2204 IMG_2205

Cut along the bottom to make a straight line across the bottom. (If you leave the tail on you will get a square snowflake). Then proceed to cut all along the edges, just make sure to leave one side semi-intact so the thing stays together!

IMG_2206 IMG_2207

Unfold and then decorate! We painted ours with sparkly Mod Podge’ target=_blank>Mod Podge’ target=_blank>Mod Podge, and also dumped glitter all over them…but I forewarn you, be afraid of the glitter, be very afraid!

IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2214 IMG_2209

While the glitter made the snowflakes beautiful, it made a HUGE mess in my kitchen! And that was even though we used a tray to catch all of the glittery mess! I think it will forever be a part of our floor, but alas, here are the finished flakes:



  1. They turned out really pretty!!!

  2. They do look great!We made these this week as well, but we used coffee filters.We also talked about how God made us unique and how each snowflake is unique. It was a lot of fun!Love your blog!!

  3. Awesome! What a great kids' craft.

  4. I remembering unfolding these as a child and being excited by what pattern was going to be revealed.Your snowflakes are very sweet and will make perfect decorations for your school room.

  5. Your blog is wonderful et there is a lot of funny activities here!I like all and especially your window "picture" about Jesus (sorry, it isn't the good word, but I'm french and my vocabulary is so poor!)Have au good time for Christmas!

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