Bible Time



  1. Hey there. I found your blog recently and LOVE it! I sent you an email at your gmail account under your contact info. My husband and I have recently made the decision to homeschool our children, and if you wouldn't mind, I have some questions for you? My email is Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Melissa, I just emailed you back a few minutes ago, you should have it in your inbox!

  3. What a funny cartoon! I laughed out loud. It sounds like my morning today! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I have that EXACT cartoon printed out and kept in my planner – about a year ago I came across it after a really tough hs day and loved it! A little humor for the tough times helps get me through. This is our 3rd yr homeschooling – but lately I've been feeling overwhelmed and a little burnt out. But I came across your blog recently and I LOVE all your ideas. You are so organized and plan your lessons out so well! It gives me inspiration to work harder, do more and make our hs experience the best that we can. I've been re-working some of our lessons and plans and daily routines and things are going better now. So thank you for your inspiration and your lovely blog! If you ever want to see our hs blog it's We're called Wellspring Academy. =) Many blessings, Kathy

  5. Ha ha!!! LOVE it!

  6. To funny to see our experiences played out in a comic, good to know I am not alone–thanks.

  7. LOL! Great cartoon! I love all your posts! Keep it up!

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