Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals

Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals is a FREE animal unit study that is designed to go with my Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World geography curriculum.


What’s included in the Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals

Each country contains a waterfall style mini-book with 6 animals from that country. The flip book has a fun facts sentence for your student to either trace or write depending on skill level. I plan on using this with my preschooler, first grader and 2nd grader as a group (I doubt my pre-k will be doing the writing, but she can cut out the pages and assemble for her animal book, I’ll leave it up to her).


The animal study also comes with animal classification cards for an animal discovery wall along with animal cards for each country so you can classify the animals as you are learning about them. I just made a simple bulletin board for our room so we have somewhere fun to display all of our animals as we learn them.

(I recommend writing the country names on the backs of the animal cards before they get all mixed up on your wall.)

Here’s a sample of the classification cards and Animals of Brazil cards:


Click to download Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals

NOTE: For the older kids I made a version with blank lines to write in their own facts, its a great research project!

Click here to download the Blank Lines version of Discovering God’s Animals

Note: This is intended to be a supplement to the Expedition Earth curriculum but it can also be used as an independent animal unit study.

If you missed it, click here to see the Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World Curriculum!

Hope you enjoy learning all about God’s Animals!


  1. Hello Erica,This looked like something interesting to add to our Geography studies, but when I downloaded it, I only got a sample of the Geography curriculum. There was nothing about animals on it. Did I misunderstand or did I download the wrong thing? Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • You should have received the animals study, here is the direct link:

      • I can’t seem to get Expedition Earth – Discovering God’s Animals to download…..none of your links are bringing anything up. It’s looks really exciting. Hoping you can help. Thanks!

        • Hi Terri,
          I apologize, some browsers won’t open it because it’s so large. If you try to RIGHT click on the download link then select “SAVE LINK AS” you should be directed to save it to your hard drive, then it will download.

          Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll try to send it via You Send It!

    • Hello,
      Thank you so much for Discovering God’s animals, it is really fun. However, are you going to add by any chance, central America’s animals? As that is where I am from, I think it would be a good addition as well not to excluding central america. Thank You.

  2. To say that I am impressed by your "Expedition Earth" series is a huge understatement! You never cease to amaze me! I, too, tried to download the "Discovering God's Animals" and got the download of the Geography sample.Last, my girls are pre-k and K for this fall…would you suggest using the Geography curriculum this year or waiting for next year? Either way…I'm definitely buying it!

  3. Thanks,looks good! BTW, I didn't know if since you have an account, which I assume is ad free, if you realized how vile the ads are on 4 shared. Some are soft p*rn.

  4. These are awesome! I love them and am totally downloading it all. Soon enough I'll pick up the other one you made, okay more like once I get through the 50 states.

  5. This download looks great! (as does the geography one).As I was looking through the animals, I noticed the Pangolin. We saw one with our very own eyes!!! in Uganda on our hike through Mibira Forest outside of Jinja.I wish I had had a camera with a telephoto lens; my point and shoot got him looking very much like a 'living pine cone'! ;o)

  6. Love this and will be printing it this weekend to go with Expedition Earth!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Only see the expedition earth one..not the animal one.

  8. How fun!! Thank you.

  9. Sorry everyone, the link has been fixed!

  10. thanks so much! this is a great geography/science curriculum for pre-k! you solved a lot of my planning issues today. thank you again so much! i thinkj we will be ready for the all-out geography next year so i will be back for sure!

  11. This looks so fun! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Aug. 04, 2010. Thanks again.

  13. Thanks, Erica! This time it downloaded perfectly 🙂

  14. I love how you organized it by country or area! great idea

  15. Mrs. Querido says:

    What great pictures! My kiddos love animals and there are lots on there that I haven't even heard of 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!I just found your blog this week and I am enthralled….you are so BUSY creating wonderful things! What a blessing to the rest of us who are not so craftily-inclined…lol!Again, thank you, my kids (ages 8,6 and 3) are going to have a blast! And so will I! 😉

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful resource for the younger children. It is very appreciated. Can I please point out a spelling error? In Animals of New Zealand you have a "tutara" – they're tu*A*tara 🙂

  17. Anonymous: YES, THANK YOU! I just fixed it, so you can re-download, sorry!

  18. Erica,I am having trouble with the free Ex. Animals. It won't open. I just downloaded today. I agree with the other comment as well that 4shared has some pretty nasty ads. I have to leave open another window for the 90 second wait so my kids won't see.

  19. You amaze me! Somehow, I am going to use this. I might be able to tie it into our FIAR studies when we get to them, since we will be making a map of animals around the world ~ thank you!

  20. What a great product for studying the 7 continents!I love the Rainforest Diorama page with pictures! It's so helpful for visual learners like me! I also love that you have a suggested schedule broken down day by day. Very helpful to moms that struggle with organization.

  21. We are LOVING this download.My 8 yr old just spotted on the morocco page that the stripped Hyena is down as a spotted Hyena on the sheet with the 6 photos on.couldn't work out how to email you so popped it on here.

  22. Zelda: Thanks, I fixed it!

  23. Awesome materials! Erica, hope that you will consider linking up this post to the blog hop that Leann is hosting over at Montessori Tidbits. She mentioned your nice dwonloads in one of her recent blog posts and that is how I found out about your great download. Can't wait to do this with my sons. Thanks so much!Have a happy week,Colleen:)

  24. Sunshine Crew: I've tried twice to link up but it's not working for some reason?

  25. Erica. I really love EVERYTHING that you do…you are amazing! But I feel really stupid right now. Can you do me a favor and explain this part to me…"I suggest laminating 2 pages back to back. Cut them apart and you’ll have lamina-tion on the front, but not the back. This will make it easier for the Velcro dots or wall tape to stick to the cards." I am sure it is simple and but I am just not getting it! Thank you!

  26. Sybil: When I laminate I put 2 printed sheets of paper together back to back (So the printed side is facing out, and the non-printed sides are touching) Then I run that whole thing through my laminator. Then I cut the 2 sheets apart. You are then left with 2 pages of paper that have lamination on the fronts, but not the backs. Then I've been taping our animals to the bulletin board, and the tape sticks better, it won't stick to laminate.

  27. Sybil Stinson says:

    Erica, you are a genius! I did not know that you could do that! I tried it and wha-la…it worked. That is so cool! I am going to use that technique with other things! Thank you…

  28. Ahhh!!! I've been to your blog a few times now thinking that when I comeback I’ll be able to download the Geography sample but I can’t seem to do it. Do I really need to subscribe to 4share??? Today, I tried to download Discovering Gods Animals thinking that maybe it would work for me. I'm extremely frustrated, your stuff looks neat but I can’t open anything. Is there a trick to it?

  29. NH: When you click on one of my download links it will bring you to the site. Then you click the BIG BLUE button that says “Download Now”. You have to wait for the little countdown clock to get to zero and where the clock is it will turn into another link that says “Download file now”. Click that and then you should get a gray pop-up window that asks if you want to “SAVE” or “Open”. Make sure to select “SAVE” that way the file get’s saved to your computer’s hard drive. Some computers will ask you where you want to save it to , mine automatically saves it in a folder called downloads under my username, so like below: C:/documents and settings/users/Erica/documents/downloads

  30. Wow – what a great resource! I just downloaded both the Geography and the Animals and am looking forward to getting started with them – just yesterday I was thinking I should start looking for a geography program for my girls, and there it was! 🙂

  31. Next year I will have a prek and a 2nd grader. Would you recommend using bothe the Earth and the usa curriculums both in the same year? I really like them you did a great job.

  32. FaithfulJ: NO! They are both pretty involved, so I would NOT do them at the same time, I would do one per year, they are both full year curriculums.

  33. THANK YOU for creating the Geography curriculums! I have been looking high and low for curriculum aimed at K-3 that is printable (even better if it's cheap to free). Keep up the great work!

  34. Hi! I just purchased Expedition Earth and was trying to download Discovering God's Animals and I cannot get the download to work. Any suggestions? I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. Thanks for your help.

  35. Chana from Israel says:

    Hi Erica,
    The material looks really good and the the reviews are very positive but… I have a 5 and a 9 year old girls (apart from a toddler and a 12 year old girl). Is one too young and the other too old to work with this book? Thanks a lot and regards from the holy Land!

    • Actually it would probably be GREAT for both of them! I used it last year with a 4, 5, and 8 year old and they all LOVED it! I didn’t expect my 4 year old to do any of the writing assignments, but she did EVERYTHING else and had a great time. The older kids did the writing and quizzes, I did the quizzes orally for my 4 year old. I thought it went really well for those ages and I think you’d be find. It would probably be too easy for your 12 year old, you’d want to add in some extra reading maybe or have her do reports on the countries so she was doing some additional research type things, but you could probably do it with her as well.

  36. tiffani says:

    Hey Erica,
    I am trying to download the blank lines animal add on and it doesn’t open to anything. Sorry to bother you. Thanks for all you do.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Hi Erica,

    Just downloaded the main geography program and was trying to download the animals component, but the link is not valid. Thanks

  38. Erica,

    I just tried to download the free EE Animals from your response to Jennifer, and it just opens a blank screen. Is there a trick to downloading it? I also just purchased EE and my girls are so excited to start! Thank you creating this curriculum and blessing us with it!


    • Hi LaDona,

      It’s not opening in some browsers for some reason. But you can right click on the download link then select “SAVE LINK AS” then pick a spot on your hard drive to save it and click “OK”. It should save the PDF file to your computer.
      Let me know if that doesn’t work! Thanks, Erica

      • Hi Erica,

        I too am unable to download the EE Animals supplement. Any other tips that I can try? We are very excited to use your programs.

        Thank you in advance.


  39. Stephanie says:

    I’m prepaing to use your Animals Expedition along with the Expedition Earth geography this school year and was hoping to go ahead and create a space on our wall (with bulletin board paper and a matching border) to hang our “God’s Animals” and animal cards. But your picture (with Strawberry Shortcake) is hard to tell how large and what size your board is for all your animal pictures. It looks pretty big. Can you measure your space needed for this display to better help me with prepping my school room for our animals? Thanks so much for all your amazing work. What talent!

    • Stephanie: My board ended up being about 3′ x 5′, yes it ended up bigger than I’d anticipated but that was okay, the kids loved having all the animals up there all year! Also make sure to give more room for the mammals, there were way more of those than any other type.

  40. Hi Erica, I am printing out the EE animals and the updated EE…wondering if I need to pring multiple copies for my kids. I have a 4.5, 6, and 8 yo. Or, can they all use the same materials? How did you do it with your kids? Did they all do their own minibooks, notebook, or did you make one shared one?
    Thanks so much! A friend and I have both purchased this, and we are going to get together once a week to do some of the projects together! I can’t wait!

    • Hi Judi,
      I actually printed out individual ones for each of them. I think some of it was a waste on my 4 yr old, but she liked to do them too, so I didn’t feel like I could just cut that out for her. You could probably do one large world lapbook for the whole family to share, but we did everything else separate. They each had their own binder with the worksheets in it and all the animal books. We did share our animal wall, each one got to put up 2 animals and tell something about them as they added them to the wall.

      Up to you and how much you’re willing to print :o)

  41. Hello! I was so excited to see the wonderful Expedition Earth study on World Animals…… however, I’m having problems in downloading them to my computer. The material did download, but there was never an opportunity for me to save the file to my computer. We don’t have a color printer, so I’ll probably have to send this off for printing (if it’s not outrageous)….. can you help with this? I kept looking for a way to “save”, but didn’t see one. Thanks for your wonderful resources!!

  42. So sorry! I should’ve read through all the comments. . . think I figured it out!!!

  43. Hi Erica:) I just downloaded the animal study to go with Expedition Earth, but I can’t save it to my PC. I need to have it printed locally to save ink.

  44. Hi Erica!

    I just purchased your EE curriculum and along with it, we are using the EE Animals. So far, my 8 year old is enjoying the “exploration” of God’s world and we had just entered South Korea. I am looking to start the EE Animals Classification activity and I seem to remember there was an answer sheet provided somewhere but I can’t seem to find it now. Could you please help provide or direct me to it again? This would save us a lot of time searching for the correct classification:)

  45. How big does the board need to be to post all the animal cards and classification cards?

  46. Would the geography Expedition Earth be suitable for my 9 yr old? This is our first year of Homeschooling. I also have a 7 yr old. We purchased “A child’s geography” but I feel like it is over their head. I need something much simpler that would hold their attention. But, I am wondering is it too simple for the 9 yr old. He is very interested in learning about countries and cultures.


  47. Hi Erica – Just another thank you for putting all these wonderful things together for us stay at homers. I’m putting together all of the Expedition Earth and God’s Animals materials this week and was wondering if you 3 ring binder the student workbooks or attach them in a school folder? I had Kinkos make all my copies to save ink on this side (had them do your LOTW too!) as I don’t have a very efficient printer. I’ll send you a pick once we are set and cruising! 🙂

  48. Thank you SO MUCH! I have 11 children I am schooling this year! YIKES! My original history curriculum purchase is WAY over their heads so I am scrambling to come up with an alternate curriculum and of course checked yours out! Yippee! I am going to share your wonderful resources with everyone I know! I already added it to our unit study online. Your work is appreciated and admired!

  49. AMAZING!!! as is everything you do and share! thanks so much!

  50. Hi, we have been using EE and classifying the animals. The sea star is an odd one to us, it does not fall under any from what we can tell. Where is it supposed to go? Thanks !

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