Our Curriculum 2011-2012

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the year again! You know the one…when you realize that summer’s almost over and you barely remember it starting.

The one where you think “Yikes! I better order my curriculum so it’s here in time!”

Yep…that one.

I’ve had lots of emails asking about our curriculum choices for this year already, so I know you all are planning away out there too! Of course I’m happy to share our choices with you, but I also want you to stand firm in your own choices and not beat yourself up thinking you should’ve done something else just because I or any other blogger recommends it! Each family is different, and I know you’ve prayed over your choices, just as I have, so we can take comfort in knowing that we’re being obedient to our calling!

So here it is, our choices for the 2011-2012 school year! (Wow, I had a hard time typing 2012…I remember back when even the thought of the year 2000 was like back to the future hover-cars and stuff. But I digress…

Anyway, we’re starting something new this year. I’m tired of referring to my children as “my 2nd grader”, “my preschooler” blah blah, so I’ve come up with some fun names for them! Plus it just seems more personal while at the same time protecting their anonymity somewhat!

We’re branching out and trying some new things this year, I’m a little nervous, but I have the flexibility to change if need be, so I’m keeping an open mind.

So I’ll now introduce the players: BTW, they all (with the exception of The Teeny Tot), picked their own aliases. Teeny Tot was kind of already locked in.


First up we have “The Teeny Tot”. IMG_2844(Tot School)

You all know and love her already. She’s the only one with a pre-existing alias, which incidentally has become a nickname around here too. I know she’ll eventually out grow it, but I still love it!

The Teeny Tot is going to be doing some official Tot School Stuff this year. More to come on that ;o)….









Next in line is “Tinker Bell”: IMG_2829(Kindergarten)

You know her previously as the sweet little preschooler who modeled all of my Letter of the Week and K4 Curriculum for you! This year she’ll be your tour guide through Kindergarten!




Then we have “Turbo”: IMG_2821(2nd Grade)

He’s the sole boy in this crowd of girls poor dude, but he is all guy. I find his choice of aliases ironic considering he’s rarely in a hurry to do anything! He’s going to lead you through 2nd grade this year.


Finally is my firstborn, “Strawberry Shortcake”: IMG_2838(3rd Grade)

(She’s very tall for her age, but Strawberry Tall-cake just didn’t sound as good.) She’s a mini-me for the most part, very helpful and leader of the pack. She’s going to be your host for 3rd grade this year.

More awesome curriculum available on my website:

Letter of the Week:


K4 Curriculum:


Road Trip USA:


Expedition Earth World Geography:


Expedition Earth World Animals:


World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1


What is your curriculum line-up for next year? I’d love to hear what others are doing! And I hope you all have a wonderful homeschooling journey!


  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for providing your curriculum list. It is so helpful in giving me some good ideas for my 1st grader. I am currently looking for a science program to do with her, and the Young Scientist Club Kits look great. Have you ever used them before? I was just curious as to how long it takes to complete each unit? Knowing how long you spend on each kit would be helpful in determining it this is a program I want to try to use.
    Thanks so much for your help-

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I haven’t used them before, so I’m not sure how long each kit will take. I’m dedicating 1-2 days a week on science, so hopefully we can do them in 2 days time!

  2. Samantha says:

    Thanks for sharing Erica! I am looking forward to hearing how you like Family Time Fitness. It looks like it would be fun!

  3. I love seeing what other people recommend! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am just starting my third year or homeschooling and feel like I am still discovering what is out there and what my kids interests are. Your blog is SO helpful! I am considering doing Expedition Earth this year as well. Thank you so much for your investment of time that you give to so many moms. You are always so encouraging!

  4. Melissa F. says:

    We’re going to stick with My Father’s World for our two older boys (6 and 7) who’ll be in 1st and 2nd grade. Our 2nd grader will use Singapore Math (1st time using it) and Spelling by Sound and Structure (also 1st time). We’re still tossing up the idea of using Rosetta Stone Spanish for both boys but we’ll see. I’ll also use MFW toddler and preschool packages for my 2 and 3 year old. Last year I didn’t teach the 2 and 3 year old regret it. This year they’ll be scheduled in with the older boys. I’ll also have to include our 3 month old as much as possible for his development. I truly enjoy your blog and get uplifted when I visit it everyday. Keep up the great work and thank you!

  5. Hi Erica, I love ur new names for the kids and thanks for all the hard work you do. I don’t know how you do it. Here’s what my kids are in for the next school year.

    My 5th grader:
    History – The Mystery of History Vol. 1 (this one is new for us)
    Math – Horizons 5
    English – BJU English 5
    Spelling – A reason for Spelling
    Handwriting – A reason for Handwriting
    Reading – BJU Reading 5
    Science – Abeka Science 6
    Bible – I am building a curriculum to go along with Mystery of History
    Art – See the Light Art Curriculum ( I can’t wait to get this one)

    And my 2 pre-schoolers are following your 2 programs with a little of the older ones curriculum.

  6. It’s so fun seeing what you and the other mommies will be using next year. I’m getting really excited for school to start! I’m looking for something to use with my own teeny tot… lots of great ideas here…

  7. Thanks for sharing. I too like see what others are using. I’m interested in seeing how the family time fitness works out for you. I am looking for something new for my kids. However, for us, we will have several months this school year where I’m unavailable to help with PE. So, I’ll see how it works for and keep it in mind for the following year.

  8. I was wondering why you switched practically all sources (Saxon, Grapevine, Speekee) for each subject. Can you explain? Thanks 🙂 – Grace

  9. You were actually instrumental in my choices for the year because I emailed you with some questions! I changed our plan and I am still unsure but it’s my 1st year so I guess we’ll just jump in and see how it goes. I won’t list it because it seems long. Excited to see your curriculum list, though, because it’s so fun to see what others do!

  10. My 3 year old will be using your LOTW lessons, some Before Five in a Row activities, and the alphabet crafts over at Totally Tots.

    My Kindergartner will be using MFW K (first semester) and MFW 1st (spring-summer), Saxon K, Handwriting without Tears, Ordinary Parents Guide for Reading and we’re doing some Little Contenders for Faith.

    I’m thinking about Speekee as well if I can fit it into the budget.

    • I will be using MFW K this year too. Do you have experience with this curriculum? This will be our first year using it. I see that you are adding in some extras. Have you found that there is not enough in the MFW K program?? I have been thinking of adding in something extra for math and handwriting as well because it looked like it might be lacking in those areas.

  11. Thanks for your list. I love seeing what others are using. It gives me some great ideas.

    My Kindergartener is using:
    Religious Ed. – Mom made Unit Studies, Catholic Children’s Bible, and Picture Book of Saints
    Phonics – Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, YouCanRead (1+1+1=1), & Ready2Read (The Moffatt Girls)
    Math-U-See Primer
    Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me

    Would you mind sharing your reasons for switching out of Math-U-See? I’m curious since we are using it.

    • Hi Catie,
      I know it’s lame, but some friends talked me into trying Saxon. I’m a little nervous after looking at the Teacher’s Manual, but I got it used for $5 at a used curriculum fair, so I’m not that invested. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll be switching back to MUS. I actually really liked MUS, so no complaints. Some reviews I’ve read say that kids are a little behind after using MUS, but I think it’s just because they teach in a different order.

      We’ll see how Saxon goes this year, I’m not totally sold on it! But no real reason for switching from MUS.

    • Catie, I am really interested in knowing more about your unit studies in religion for catholism. Please email with more info at kayoung24 at yahoo dot com
      Thank you,

  12. Hi Erica,
    I am a mommy to my 3 year old Daughter. We are going to homeschool, this year is our first year and we are doing a mix of things for learning Preschool. I am so excited to get started and you are the person who makes me think I can actually do this. So thank you so much for all your time, effort and loving thoughts to guide and encourage all of us…

  13. Wow you did change it up! But it looks so good! I can’t wait to hear about K5 beginnings. It looks likes a really delightful program.. I thought their phonics 1 looked really good too..with all their little helpers Mrs. Short and Mrs. Long… a nice follow up to K5 beginnings. The English/Phonics 1 reminded me of the letter people of the 80’s ..loved them! I was wondering will you be using the dvd’s? I have four little ones and the dvd’s seem like they would be extremely helpful at times.

    Well here is to a great year! Blessings!

  14. I will have a first grader and a pre-K-4’er.
    For the 1st grade monkey:
    First Language Lessons
    All about Spelling – level 1
    Math mammoth level 1
    practice handwriting by writing out his awana verses
    practice reading by reading to the 2.5yr old


    Ordinary parents guide to teaching reading
    Handwriting without tears
    LOTW curriculum
    free play with math manipulatives and math games

    All together we’ll take turns reading their awana lessons for bible time. And we’ll be using Five In A Row for our geography, history, social studies etc as a group in the afternoons.

    The 2.5yr old will tag along with the 4yr old for most of the stuff but not in a strict sense and the 1yr old will hopefully play peacefully with the toys on the other side of the room. lol We’ll see how that goes. I might do a few more dedicate “tot school” activities for the little two each week but we’ll see. This year my priority is keeping on track with the 1st grader, teaching the 4yr old to read, and keeping it fun in the process.

  15. Sabrina Hubbard says:

    Your curriculum looks great. Thank you for the artist study as well. I printed it out for both of my children and have ordered the books as well. It looks great and like a lot of fun. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a composer study as well?

    • Hi Sabrina,
      I’m working on one, that will be Greatest Artists Vol. 2 :o)

      • Yeah! This is exciting to me, as I’m doing a unit on this starting in the fall……so when you say you’re working on this do you mean in the future (as in next year, 2012, some time), or as in it just might be available for this fall?

        Hoping, hoping!

  16. What version of Speekee are you using? Online, “at school”, dvd?

    Thanks! I can’t wait until my 20 month old is ready for LOTW.

  17. Hi! Love your site! We are so excited to use roadtrip usa this year for my first grader and 3 yr old. I was wondering if you have ever used math you see? If so did you like? Why have you chosen to go with Saxon? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi, yes we used MUS for the last 3 years and I do like it. I’m switching to Saxon this year just because a friend talked me into it. Lame i know, but Saxon covers money, time, and measurements a little better so i thought we’d try it. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not totally sold on it yet, and I got it for $5 used, so if we don’t like it I’ll be heading right back to MUS! :o)

  18. Hi Erica!
    I can’t believe it is almost time to start either! I just posted our curriculum choices for the year too! We are very excited to start Road Trip this fall! You have created such wonderful resources! We have chosen Saxon math as well. When I met with a homeschool mom (homeschooling since the 80’s) after first making the decision to homeschool, she told me Saxon Math was a ‘gem’! Can’t go wrong with gems, hopefully! : ) Are you going to have a blog roll for Road Trip? That would be neat!

  19. Thanks for sharing so much Erica! Thank you for all of your email input as well, per your suggestion I am trying BJU English my rookie year of HS and when it arrived in the mail yesterday I thought it looks awesome! Just wish we could afford the BJU Reading kit as well, but not quite this time. I’m so excited during this “planning” phase and grateful that I have your blog for support! Have a great rest of your week. Carlen

    • Carlen, I don’t know what your budget is like, but a good way to get a deal on the BJU Reading is Ebay. That’s how I buy most of my curriculum and you can get it like 50% off retail. Just a thought.

    • Carlen,
      I got my BJU Press at a used curriculum fair too, it was half what it costs new. You might want to check too, lots of mom’s selling curriculum there!

    • Thank you both! Why I never thought to look for used homeschool stuff on eBay says nothing about my ability to problem solve, right???? Right??? I can homeschool my child for the first time this year, right??? :o)
      I will look at both of those options right this minute, thanks again!

  20. I really like the looks of the Kay Arthur Bible curriculum! I haven’t seen that before! Will you follow that one with the others?

    • Yes, that’s the plan, we’ll see how the first one goes :o)

      • Deanna B. says:

        I am interested in the grapevine study… looks nice. Please update posts this year on how that is going. I really appreciate it! Also for Saxon as well.
        I have taught Saxon before (1-2nd grades in private school) but as you stated, some curriculums follow a different order. I’ve considered MUS and Horizons Math as well, and I am not sure if we will stick with Saxon or not either.
        My kids like it fine but I will possibly skip around a bit because they just came from public school where some repetition may bore them and other might be necessary so they will not forget so much. 😉
        At any rate, I appreciate your honesty and how you share so much here each week. I know it is a lot of time and effort you put into your sharing. I appreciate it all!!

  21. I would love to hear your take on Family Time Fitness.
    I went to their site, but couldn’t even find an example video (without signing up for the week free trial).
    Have you used this before with your children?
    I’d love to hear!

    Thanks for your time.

  22. DeAnn Lee says:

    Thank you so much Erica for everything! I was wondering if and how you would fit Road Trip and AAS into Workboxes. I hope we can follow you along your journey across the USA!

    • Hi DeAnn,
      Yes, I’ll be posting our Road Trip USA adventures as we go along this year. I’m not certain I’ll put it in the workboxes though. Last year I just put core stuff in there, then we just did Geography together in the afternoon, so i didn’t put it into workboxes.

      For the AAS: I put the teacher’s manual, a white board, dry erase marker, and eraser in their workbox. When they get there, they let me know and I take out the TM and we go through the lesson together. Sometimes they use their Nintendo DS, sometimes the whiteboard, sometimes the letter tiles from AAS. We mix it up. But I just keep it all in their box so it’s not floating around my school room :o)

  23. Thank you so much for this! I did my own thing for preschool but now that we are heading into Kindergarten I am overwhelmed with all of the options. I originially wanted a ready to go box curriculum just to make it easier for me but I haven’t found one I like so I am trying to pick stuff and all I can say is ack!!! I am looking into some of the stuff you are using and slowly I am seeing things come together. Still looking into Saxon for Math. Can you help this rookie understand what you mean by “Core”? Thanks! Oh my 3 year old will be using LOTW.

    • By core for kindergarten, they basically do language, phonics, math and reading. I’m substituting math with Saxon, and really AAS for spelling. But we’ll do BJU for all the other subjects. The curriculum comes all together you don’t buy subjects separate for Kindergarten.

    • I was so overwhelmed, too, by all the choices out there. Thanks for your encouragement and confidence in our ability to know our own kids. I finally decided on Heart of Dakota (little hearts for his glory) for my darling son. He starts Kindergarten next month – hooray! I am going back through the LOTW curriculum with my sweet 3yr old son. We’ve been having so much fun! Thanks, Erica!!

  24. Thank you for sharing! Always find something I use when I visit your site. Do you plan on posting a daily schedule? Do you go through all subjects daily?
    We are working through your world geo curriculum. We’ve taken it slow but has proven to be fun grabbing a new country every other week in the summer and exploring it. Thanks for all you put into it!

  25. Thank you for sharing!! I love the way you introduced each one as tour guides!!! REALLY CUTE!!! Thank you for all you do…. WE have using your LOTW for the past year and I will be using it again with my soon to be 4 year old. Oh and love the K4 Extention!!


  26. Just curious- have you ever used Abeka for your core? If so, can you compare/contrast it with BJU?

    • Tina, Yes, I’ve used Abeka for our core subjects for the last 5 years! I do like them, though they’re kind of boring and heavy on the worksheets. I like All About Spelling for the phonics and spelling better than Abeka, the rules seemed to sink in better with AAS, sl last year I supplemented in AAS to my Abeka.

      I think BJU is fairly similar to Abeka in that they’re both very traditional style of curriculum. I like how the BJU Teacher’s Manuals are set up, and I also LOVE how all the subjects are really tied together via a common theme for each unit. The main reason I haven’t switched prior to this year was we kept finding Abeka for really cheap, and one year even free from a friend. Can’t beat that!

      This year, I found BJU at a used fair for half price, so that was enough for me to give it a try! I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes, I’m excited to try it, but you never know until you actually get down into the trenches with something if it’s going to work or not!

      • thank you for your response! I have all of the optional flashcards,etc for abeka so I am thinking that I will stick with it for awhile for my core, but please let us know once you get down in those trenches. lol
        For my kindergartener, I am also using AAS, Math U See, Roadtrip USA )yah!!) and the 2nd half of AAR (we did the first half last spring). Also gonna mix in A Reason for Handwriting. I get bored and love mixing things in!
        My 3 yr old wil use Abeka Prek3 and LOTW. She will also join in for Roadtrip USA.

  27. Lisa H. says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Such great ideas!! Erica…do you all participate in any homeschool groups, co-ops etc? I am always thinking of ways I can allow my kids more opportunity to build friendships etc. and my husband and I are bouncing between a co-op or not…he is worried with our boys they need more interaction beyond church stuff…would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes, we do a local homeschool group which has mom’s nights for encouragement, support, and ideas. They also do monthly things like presentation days, field trips, geography and science fairs, spelling bee’s and play dates. Then this year we’re going to do a public school co-op that is held for homeschoolers at a local church. I’m not sure how that’s going to work, so its a trial run for us. They will go once a week for a day of basically elective courses such as art, PE, music, science, robotics, Spanish and things like that.

      We have a lot of friends participating, so they wanted to try it. I’ll see how it goes with our schedule. We also do sports and that type of activities, so I think we’re covered socially speaking ;o)

      The thing to remember is not to worry about it! Really you get out enough, if you’re concerned schedule play-dates, or do sports. I think as new homeschoolers we can try to over-socialize to compensate for some stereo-type that isn’t really even true. Do what feels best for your family and take each season as it comes. Sometimes we have time for extra-curricular things, sometimes we just don’t and that’s okay :o)

  28. Hi Erica,
    Thank you for sharing your curriculum plans for this year! I really like the grapevine studies. Is the teacher’s manual really needed or can I get away with just the student workbook? I’m trying to fit as much into our budget as possible:).

    • Hi Maria, for the Grapevine Studies, I really think you need the Teacher’s Manual. The student Workbook is just a set of pages for them to do their work on, but nothing really explanatory.

  29. Hi Erica,

    I was just curious why you switched from Abeka to BJU this year? Also looking forward to the future posts on your Art.

    • Hi Dawn,
      I actually like the layout of BJU’s Teacher’s Manuals better, and also how the subjects all tie in together through a common theme. I never tried it before this year, because we kept getting Abeka for REALLY CHEAP or even free from friends! This year I found BJU at a used fair for really cheap, and coudln’t pass it up! I’m really excited to try it.
      One main diff i can see so far is that Abeka uses beginning blends to teach reading and BJU uses word families. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the word families but since we did blends last year with my K4 curriculum, I figure it can’t hurt to give BJU a try. I really like their reading and English lessons so we’re starting there, if all goes well I may add in Bible and History next year…we’ll see :o)

  30. Amy Lathem says:

    What made you change from Math U See to Saxon? Just wondering.

  31. Hi Erica,

    Thank you so much for posting your curriculum plans for next year. I was looking for a “cool” science program that included experiments…and was affordable. I linked to the YSC website directly from your list, loved what I saw, & signed up for the bi-monthly plan. WOOHOO! We are so excited to receive our first kit. Hopefully you get an incentive for this 😉

    We also found Family Time Fitness when Currclick had a sale a few weeks ago. Looks like a lot of fun! I love how they carefully planned out the lessons so all of the motor skills are covered.

    I think you will like the spiral concept behind Saxon math especially since your kids had the solid “mastery” concept behind MUS. My daughter struggled with Abeka so I switched her to MUS for a stronger foundation. We will switch back to Abeka once she becomes more confident with the basics.
    Be blessed! Alycia

  32. Sarah Anderson says:

    Hi there!

    I am still wading through the curriculum options out there for my first year of homeschooling this fall! My daughter is a K/5. The one program I am having the hardest time deciding on is a Reading/Phonics program. I have never seen All About Spelling in person, but it looks to me as if it could be a Reading/Phonics program as well as Spelling. Since you have a history with this program, do you think that it is possible to double up with All About Spelling?

    • Sarah, YES! it is totally a phonics program, as a matter of fact they also sell readers to go with it if you need some. My kids used our Abeka readers, just because I already had them, but I noticed a marked improvement in both reading and spelling after starting AAS! Love it!

  33. Hey everyone,

    This year we are trying almost all new stuff as well…..I’m freaked out!
    I have a 3rd and 4th grader and then a 2 year old terror…..lovingly meant.
    We are trying the following:
    Singapore Math
    Growing with Grammar (did this one last year and loved it)
    Growing with Spelling ( I love that it includes vocabulary)
    Apologia Science
    Story of Our World
    Handwriting Without Tears and Four Square writing
    Powerspeak Spanish (did this last year with just one child)
    Draw, Write, Now and Art for All Seasons
    Learning Links for our library trips

    As a family in the evening after I finish eating, we all do the Roadtrip even though mine are older, but we just love doing it.

    Possible candidates:
    Family TIme Fitness
    Typing Instructor

    We are going to start next week and give it a trial run with a few of the more intense subjects to see how well we all can grasp it.


  34. I’m new to homeschooling this year and I’m very excited to get started. But one thing I can’t quite wrap my brain around is how to organize all the work the kids complete. What sort of methods do people use so the school work doesn’t take over your house once it’s completed?

    • Hi Dana,
      I have metal stackable files from Wal-mart. As they finish their work, they put it in their file. Right now I usually look at it quickly before they file it so I can check for errors and we just address those right away. That’ll probably change once they get older and I have to actually think ;o)

      Once those files get full, I hole punch everything and stick it in a 3″ 3-ring binder and store in our basement. I don’t have to keep it by law, it just makes me feel better :o)

  35. Will you be creating curriculum kits for your teeny Tot? I LOVE everything you’ve created so far, my 3 1/2 year old does well with everything I’ve purchased from you! I have a 16 month old girl and am always looking for creative things for her. Also….any suggestions on how to organize this madness of mine called homeschool supplies? We are knee deep in it, and it is all over this house. We thought spreading it throughout the house would give them endless possibilities at learning, but I’m just overwhelmed!

    • Tammy, I won’t be creating anything specific for her, just some random tot packs as I go. I think I might let her play with some of the LOTW activities too, she saw her big sis doing them all last year and was dying to get her hands on some ;o)
      But…if I do make anything, I’ll post for sure!

  36. I’m such a curriculum junkie I just love reading about, looking at it, researching it and EVERYTHING it! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing your plan!!!!

  37. I have been following your website for a long time and you have been very helpful in sharing your curriculum plans, reviews, etc. I have been using A Beka Book for everything for the past 4 years but this year I purchased the All About Spelling (ABS) materials since it seemed to be used by almost everyone. However, when I received the materials I noticed that they teach different phonics sounds than A Beka. When you started using ABS did you teach your children the sounds the way they were in the ABS book or did you adapt to correspond with the A Beka special sounds ? I don’t want to confuse the kids but I really like the ABS style of teaching spelling and I don’t want to waste all the money I put into purchasing this curriculum 🙂 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Debra: I actually did both last year and it wasn’t a big deal. I found that Abeka has the same rules, they just don’t do as good a job at drilling them in as AAS does. I did the AAS Lessons, then had my kids still do the Abeka worksheets and if there was something AAS hadn’t covered yet I covered that before they did the sheet. It went fine for us, and the kids did well, but i do think they really benefited from AAS rules lessons. I flipped back through my Abeka to see if i’d missed something and I noticed that Abeka does mention the rule, but I didn’t see where they really repeat it that often so i didn’t repeat it that often. I don’t think my kids really “GOT” the rules until we started AAS.

      I think combining is fine, and I didn’t notice it confusing them at all, but I now prefer AAS to Abeka.

  38. What age does All About Spelling start? My 3 1/2 year old as read 5 “Bob Books” all by himself, so I’m thinking I better find a program, and FAST!

    • All About Spelling isn’t really by age or even grade level, so you could try Level 1 and see how it goes, you may have to move a little slower through the lessons just due to maturity level, but can’t hurt to try. I’m doing it this year with my kindergartner and she’s doing well. There is a link to them on my right sidebar towards the top for you! Thanks!

  39. Erica, what is the average amount you spend on curriculum, supplies, lessons per child per school year? I’m adding all the shopping carts I have lined up for this year and I’m just wondering if I’m way off of the norm?

    • Hi Tammy, It really depends on the year! I typically only buy one set of curricula per year and my younger children then use that when they get to that grade level. So i just have to buy workbooks for them. I think I spent just over $300 for this year, but I bought some used BJU Press stuff for my 2nd and Kinder that I didn’t have before so that made it a little more than normal. I usually get things off of ebay or or even at local used fairs as well. I do my best not to pay full price for new stuff if at all possible!

  40. Hi! I am new to homeschooling and I am very overwhelmed. Your site has been VERY helpful. I am interested in using your LOTW and K-4 programs. Can these two programs be used together at the same time? Thanks!

  41. Oh! I love seeing what everyone’s using for curriculum! I am constantly checking out new stuff I see 😉 I have a 4th, 3rd, K , and a 3yr old busybody! Here’s what we’re using this yr:
    Math-Math Mammoth
    English-First Language Lessons
    Writing-Writing with Ease
    Spelling-Spelling Workout
    History/Geography- History Odyssey
    Science- R.E.A.L. Science
    Handwriting- Zaner-Bloser
    Latin- Lively Latin (love it)
    Reading- Reading classic books for kids and record and discuss what they read.

    Thanks for sharing What you all do for curriculum! Have a wonderful school yr!!

  42. Hi Erica,

    Yes, I am already beginning research for next year. Can you tell me how the Young Scientist Club Kits are going? I am considering them for 1st grade for my ds.

    Thanks 🙂

  43. Hi!

    Just wanted to ask why you choose to use Abeka for kindergarten, but BJU for the older years?


    • Hi Erin,
      I prefer the way Abeka teaches phonics. BJU uses this word family concept with several people to represent the different vowel sounds. I did try it but my kiddos were confused! That said, I prefer the BJU English over Abeka, so I just switch at grade 2 from Abeka to BJU. Actually Abeka is fine, it just doesn’t move as quickly teaching verbs, nouns, subjects etc as BJU does. So I guess I do a mix now LOL!

      • I love Analytical Grammar by Robin Finely. She was a school teacher that developed the program. I have used it to teach in public school as well as homeschooling. It is a spiral program that once a part of speech has been introduced, the student is always responsible for it. Includes diagramming, punctuation, dialogue, etc. When I became a teacher grammar was a weak area for me…not anymore. I love it! Kids love it too! They easily see the rules in the grammar and quickly can pick apart any sentence once they learn the basics.

  44. Hi Erica
    I am very new to homeschooling, i am planning on starting in the fall. I love your site!
    I am wondering about the letter of the week curriculum and the k4, I have 3 boys and 1 is ready for grade 1 and 1 for preschool. Is the K4 and the lotw very different ? do both sets fit in your binders ? wondering for space issues .

  45. Hello

    What typing course did you use for your first grader? I used the FREE BBC typing course for my kindy.
    Will the typing instructor keep my first graders attention? Is this something she can do on her own time?

    Thank you!!

  46. Hi this is a little different becuase im a dad but a conserend parent just the same i am loooking into homeschooling my 2nd grader becuase he caught a virus from public school whichhe is now in the hospital for temporarly has lost ability to walk so im done with public schools now so me and my wife are wonder how expensive it is to homeschool and also how dificult it is to get him started. If can give me any ideas and or advice plz email me. Thank u for the info i have already gained from ur site.

  47. JOANNA WARREN says:

    my name is Joanna andI have a 7 year old daughter whom is ADHD, we are concidering home schooling her do to some situations we are dealing with in her current public school.
    She will be going into 2nd grade and I have no idea where to even start with her curriculum.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I need all the help I can get.
    Thank you

  48. Hello!

    We relocated to Colorado from Wyoming at the end of Jan 2014. We had used the K12 program in Wyoming and I am now looking for curriculum for this fall. I wanted to move away from the K12 options for a few reasons. I will have a 1st and 3rd grader this fall and would like to teach year round. Am I able to purchase your curriculum in bundles per grade? I have your road Trip USA and LOVE it! I want something complete for both kiddos and your post above looks like you have a full curriculum for both grades. Thank you in advance for your help! Have a blessed day!

    Miranda Philippi

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