Hi everyone! Welcome to the second video in the “Study Tips 101” series of my Tip Tuesday videos. In this series we’re going to cover several helpful tips and tricks that will help you and your students be successful in preparing for high school and even college.

In today’s video you will learn how to create effective flashcards which will in turn decrease the time you spend studying while increasing your recall of information!


Hopefully you have watched my first video on how to take effective notes. If not, you’ll want to go back and check that one out first! Once you’ve mastered your note taking skills, it’s time to move on to creating some useful study tools using your notes. Having these tools will aid in memory recall as well as improve the effectiveness of your study time. You’ll find that you have to study for shorter lengths of time, and you will have a set of tools to help give direction and focus to your study time as well.

We’ll cover how to use these tools to study in the next video, but for today I’m going to show you some tips on creating useful study tools for your classes.


So let’s get started!

In today’s video we are going learn how to use your notes to create useful flashcards as a study tool.

Psst…If you missed my video on how to take effective study notes, make sure to go back and watch that one first!


Watch Study Tips #2: How to Create Flashcards here!

Note: As with anything, you’re homeschool may be different than ours, so make sure to do whatever fits your families needs.

Links to some of the products we used in this video:

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