Hi everyone! I’m really exited to be releasing a new series in my Tip Tuesday videos. I’m calling it “Study Tips 101” and we’re going to cover several helpful tips and tricks that will help you and your students be successful in preparing for high school and even college.


No matter whether you’re homeschooling, or in a traditional school setting, it’s important to learn how to take effective notes from texts as well as lectures and online videos. You’ll also want to learn how to use effective study strategies to be able to recall information for testing situations.

This will not only help prepare you for higher education, but make your study time more effective, in turn saving you a lot of wasted time! In this series I’m going to show you how to take notes from text books and lectures, we’ll also cover how to create effective and useful study tools, how to study to improve recall, how to reduce test anxiety and prepare for an exam, and how to organize your student life so you don’t miss important deadlines.

I really hope this series will help you out. It came out of a need to teach our kids all of these skills as they’ve started to get into junior high and high school grades.

Whatever your method of education, I think that learning these basic skills will be beneficial, even if you don’t traditionally test, or if you’re doing a curriculum that doesn’t require a lot of note taking. Regardless, as you move into higher education you’ll be expected to know these skills.

So let’s get started!

In today’s video we are going to start with step #1 – How to Take Effective Notes from text books and lectures.


Watch Study Tips #1: How to Take Effective Notes here!

Note: As with anything, you’re homeschool may be different than ours, so make sure to do whatever fits your families needs.


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  1. Thank you! My 6th grade daughter will study for an hour just for a quiz because she reviews each lesson. I know there’s got to be an easier way! Your video was just what I needed. I’m looking forward to teaching her these tips!

  2. Thank you so much. I had my 7th grade daughter watch this video. Her notebook looks drastically different from the beginning of the year with all jumbled notes to beautiful bullet points. She is loving the difference and it just makes it a lot more “fun” and eliminates clutter. It has really helped her.

    Amy S.
  3. Thank you so much for these videos!!! Learning how to study is a whole new thing now that the kids are getting older!! You have been such a blessing with these tutorials and the curriculum tours!!! We just ordered our Lab kit for The Rainbow Science and we ordered Fix It Grammar too!! Thank you so much for your time and information!!!


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