The World’s Greatest Artists Unit Study

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on a fun unit study for next year! It’s called The World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1 and I’m excited to share it here with you today!


Come along on our quest to learn about some of the world’s greatest artists! So grab some art supplies and get ready to explore, create, and learn!

In this series of artist studies, we will be learning about 8 of the world’s greatest artists. We will immerse ourselves in the work of each artist so we become well familiar with their style, methods, and images.

Each study includes:

  • Lesson plans for each week
  • Lap Book printables
  • Artist Notebooking page
  • Art Puzzles
  • Artist Flashcards

Much of our time studying will be through open discussion and hands on experimentation. Upon completion of this curriculum you will be able to easily recognize the artwork from each artist studied, learn to look at art critically, as well as have gained an appreciation for art in general. You will also have explored some new techniques, and created several of your own unique masterpieces! And at the end you’ll have a wonderful Greatest Artists Lap Book to refer to!

Resources needed for this study include:


What Artists are included in Vol 1?

Click here to get The World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1 Unit Studies now! Hope you enjoy this curriculum!


  1. I *heart* everything you put together…Thanks for sharing!~Sheri

  2. Thank you for sharing. It came out just in time! We plan to learn famous artists this summer.

  3. Erica…Thank You for this great study! I've been wanting to do something with my kids, but my great intentions never seem to play out due to poor planning. This is complete, easy and will be such a joy to do with my children this coming year. I hope I can use it to instill a love for the uniqueness God has given everyone in the ability to be creative. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  4. Incredible work! Thank you!!! I've been recommending Expedition Earth every chance I get…I'll be sure to recommend this one too!

  5. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, and I'll be sharing a link to it on my Thrifty Thursday post this morning! :)

  7. You are AMAZING! Thank you so much.I wrote an "Ode to Erica" post to spread the word about your amazingness (and your artist study)

  8. Amazing!!!! What a great job you have done putting this together! I wasn't even planning to do art with my kids this year, but I think you've just convinced me otherwise. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  9. What an amazing resource you've put together. Thank you for sharing it!

  10. Just wondering something. Are there 48 hours in a day in your world? I just don't understand how you have time to get everything done! You are amazing. I'm so appreciative to God for the talents that He has given to you, and that He has given you a sweet spirit to share it all with us. May the LORD continue to bless you and give you new ideas, so that we may all receive His blessings through you.

  11. Oohhhhh just what I have been searching for!!!!!!!!!! Erica your such a blessing!!!!! Thanks so much!

  12. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to working through this with my boys.

  13. Just downloaded the program and ordered all my books from! $35 for a 32 week curriculum is AWESOME in my book!Thanks Erica for all you do!

  14. You are a God-send once again!!! Just 2 days ago my son saw the Mona Lisa and started asking about DaVinci. Yesterday we found a history video on Youtube but I was wishing I had something more. Today I open my inbox and my wish has come true. You are amazing. I am so thankful for all you do and share!!!

  15. Erica, I have been looking all over for something like this. This is absolutely fabulous! Thank you <3

  16. Thank you Erica! This looks awesome!!

  17. Thank you, Erica! This is going to be a great fit with our studies next year. I appreciate you making this available for free (so kind of you!) and that you have done the planning for me :-) wonderful!Best Wishes!

  18. You are SUCH a BLESSING! I actually got some of these books at the Scholastic Warehouse sale in hopes to do them with my kids next year. (of course the ones I bought are not in this volume but..I'm patient) :0 We look forward to our trip around the world with you next year and now discovering great artists with you!thank you again. (I also posted in on my FB page and to our homeschool loop!)

  19. This is awesome! I think I will add this to our curriculum for next year. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do (and how do you do it all, by the way? :) ).

  20. This is AMAZING! Thank you! This is only our first year, so I don't want to over do it, but I would love to add this! Maybe if I stretch it out over two years! :) You are a super-duper curriculum creating machine! I love it! Thank you!

  21. This is a AWESOME Unit…..Thank you! I do wonder 1 thing though. Do you have any recommendations for the "additional resources" for this that can be used other than the recommended books listed from Amazon. With a small budget I can not afford $6.95 per book. All in all, $55.00 to get them all. Any freebies out there that you could recommend? Thanks! :-)

  22. You Rock!! Just in time for our summer camp! God Bless You!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You ROCK!!! Thanks for sharing!Jennifer

  24. I am so excited for this! I was working on my curriculum plans for the coming school year and these books were what I was planning to base our artists study on and then I find a free curriculum to go with it… blessing!!! Thank you so much!

  25. Love, love, love this!!!! Thank you! Not sure if I'll be using it this year, but definitely saving it for future use if not!

  26. Thank you very much for sharing!!!!

  27. Jenn Tonak says:

    Thank you for this curriculum! You are like wonder woman- producing all these different curricula and still homeschooling 4 kids! WOW!

  28. Stephanie says:

    My library system seems to have all these books, yippy! Thank you so much for this resource.

  29. This is amazing! Thank you!

  30. Thank you SO much for sharing this wonderful artist curriculum, Erica!! My son and I have started to explore more science concepts – it sounds like it's time to introduce art into our activities, too. If I post about our art exploration on my blog, I'll be sure and link to your site. What a fabulous resource you've created!!

  31. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this, then sharing it with others! I look forward to starting this with my children!

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!Marie

  33. awesomeness! Thank you. What age range would you say this would work for??

  34. Thanks for putting this together. My artist husband is gonna love this.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this! It is wonderful. I have everything printed out and binded together (expect the lapbook pages). I just ordered the first four artist books from $6.95 each and they are buy 3 get 1 free! Love this! My mom liked it so much, now she wants to teach it to my children!!!Tammytammyhuffaker @ yahoo . com

  36. Wow! Many thanks! We appreciate this so much, Erica.

  37. Staci Lynch says:

    WOW! This is so great! Your time and attention to detail is so apprecaited by me! I am adding this to next year schedule! Thank you again for all you do!

  38. I just talked the library into ordering these books. Downloading your program right now. Thank you for sharing it is a wonderful gift for my children

  39. You have such an amazing talent and gift. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Amy

  40. Thank you so much!!!! This is fantastic!!!

  41. Thank you so much! This is a wonderful study and we are going to have so much fun! Blessings to you!

  42. So fantastic! Bless your heart for creating and sharing this!

  43. What a great resource! I am new to unit studies and am really excited about this! Thank you so much…

  44. Thank you so much! This looks wonderful!

  45. This is awesome! Thanks so much.

  46. This looks totally awesome! Erica you are such a blessing to so many families.

  47. This is such and answer to prayer! I love you! 😀 I have some books and we are starting on Monday. I have two questions: Can we mix up the order? I didn't notice anything when I skimmed over indicating any reason not to. There is a Da Vinci exhibit at a museum nearby but only for the summer. Also, am I missing what page 29 is to be used for? I am not sure what to do with that page. Love it, you are awesome and probably don't sleep enough 😀 Thank you!

  48. Sonja A. says:

    This is soooo cool! Thank you! I eagerly await Volume 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? 😉 Thank you for sharing and for this one Free! 😀

  49. Thank you, Erica. This will nicely complement all the artist studies I do with Bear and j-jo. I'm especially thankful it is free!

  50. Soooo nice!! Thank you! :)

  51. You are amazing! I don't know how you have so much time to make such great stuff while homeschooling so many kids all day!

  52. Thank you so much for having a heart to share your talent with all of us. I am so excited to begin our h/s journey this fall!!!Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  53. Thank you for this free resource! I was just looking for a free artist study plan to go with our MFW RtR that we are just starting!

  54. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Thank You!!!

  56. Fabulous, Erica! Thank you so much for providing this for free.Carrie

  57. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  58. This is AMAZING!! We really appreciate your willingness to share.

  59. What a beautiful artist study unit! Thank you for all of your hard work and time that went into it and for your generosity in sharing it with other homeschoolers.Blessings,Shannon/Song of My Heart

  60. this looks fantastics… will definitely be using it. I found a great book to use when studying Picasso – it gives step by step instructions to reproduce some of his works…;=books&qid;=1307286485&sr;=8-1

  61. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.BlessingsDiane

  62. WOW Erika! That's fantastic! You are so awesome to share so many of your wonderful, creative lessons with the rest of us! Even though I've been homeschooling for 12 years now, I still have about 13 more to go since my youngest is only 5! Can one EVER have too many resources? THANKS!

  63. Lorri Love says:

    You are amazing! Thanks for doing this. My library even has all of the needed resources – awesome!

  64. Thank you for this brilliant FREE resource! You must have worked really hard as it is simply beautifully done. I really appreciate your generosity and my kids will have a blast doing this! I had just added formal artist study to our schedule but was still looking for a good, easy, fun resource to work through to save me having to reinvent the wheel – you were an answer to prayer!! – Deedee

  65. Dearest Erica, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Misses 9 and nearly 7 started this a couple of weeks ago and it is already their "most favourite subject"! I actually have to limit it to 2 sessons a week. There is not enough room here to tell you all the wonderful spin offs from this terrific curriculum, I am just blown away. Again thank you for using your god given talents and sharing them with others so generously. Lisa from NZ PS – Thanks also for introducing Mike's books into our house … we all LURVE them!

  66. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful program! I have thought about adding an artist study to our curriculum this year but was not motivated to actually go through with it till now!!! (And thanks to the person who commented they found the books at their library!! I also noticed they are part of the 4 for 3 special on amazon so that would save a decent amount of money too!!) Thanks again!!

  67. Art is one of my weak areas. Thank you for doing this!

  68. Thank you so much for all the work you do in providing curriculum. I will be using several of the things you created this year. I was trying to plan out an artist study for the year (as I love the Charlotte Mason approach) and with a new baby due in 3 days I wasnt sure how I was going to get it all done. Your site has eased my worries. Thank you again and may God bless your family and school year.

  69. Belinda says:

    Hi! For some reason, when I click on the link, it will not open. Doesnt look like anyone else has had this problem. I am SO interested in checking out the link because my children have a love for art. Is there any way you could help me out? I would so appreciate it! Im including my email, please email me :) You are such a blessing. <3

  70. Belinda says:

    Hi! Okay, I was able to get it to open by saving it to my desktop first. Let me tell you, you are awesome! I love love love this!!! thanks so much for sharing! :)

    • Hi Belinda, I’m glad you figured it out! Sorry we were out all day on a field trip. When you click the link it should open a pdf, then you can click the ‘save’ logo in the upper left corner to save it to your hard drive.

  71. I am printing away and getting ready for our next school year and excited to be using “Exhibition Earth” and “Worlds Greatest Artists”. Thanks so much Erica!!

  72. Thanks for sharing your beautiful material :)

  73. This is yet another WONDERFUL resource!! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I am using it & blogged about it at

    Thanks Again! Beth

  74. This is WONDERFUL! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  75. We are LOVING your Artist study! We started with Jackson Pollock & have just one word of advice when it comes to actually using his techniques….OUTSIDE!! The kids were covered head-to-toe in paint today but they absolutely loved it! This lesson has been amazing & we are looking forward to the next artist. Thank you so much for putting this together!

  76. I held my breathe wondering how much this one was going to cost me. Thank you for providing such an awesome FREE resource! ~ Wendy

  77. I just love this. We started studying VanGough a few weeks ago and were going to be making our rounds of different artists. We also have been using Usbornes Art Treasury that gives you additional techniques for the style the artist created. Thank you for sharing.

  78. VERY nice!! You continually amaze me! I noticed that the author of the artist books also has books about composers…I can’t wait to delve into those as well. I have NO idea how you do it! It takes all that I have to just implement your ideas…there are so many outstanding materials that you have created. Thank you for sharing!

    Also, NEST entertainment has a great video about Davinci in the famous people series.

  79. Thank you!!! This has come at such a good time, we are about to start a study on these great artists. 😉

  80. just wow!

  81. Thank you so much for “The World’s Greatest Artists”. My kids are ages 6 to 14 and I have been wondering how to get them interested in classic artists. This is so well thought out. Simply Amazing!

  82. I’m SO excited for this!! THANK-YOU!!!!

  83. I’m having difficulties downloading your unit study!! Is it just me? I would love to get this unit!!

  84. YAY!! Thank you for making & sharing this!! This will be so great to use to enhance our study of these artists as they come up in our history lessons! I can’t wait to see who you feature in Vol.2! 😉 Hopefully Rembrandt since my husband’s family is descended from the same as his I’m gobbling up all the info on him that I can get my hands on! Who knew that history was so much fun?!? (My former school teachers would tell you I was not a fan!) Thanks again for Art History! :)

  85. Stephanie Pawley says:

    I love this ! My 3 year probably isn’t ready, but I downloaded and saved it for the day she is. Lvoe it. Thanks for all teh great things you have on your site!

  86. I love your World’s Greatest Artists set!! I downloaded it a few weeks ago to use with my daughter. My library carries the books in the curriculum, which I was thrilled about. My husband asked one day why our five year old is studying Pablo Picasso. But she loves art and is really learning using your suggestions and she is enjoying it. Her favorite Picasso painting is The Old Guitarist from his Blue Period. She made her own version of it a few days ago. She’s never been condifent in her painting, but I encouraged her to try and not give up even if it didn’t look perfect. She made a great painting and was happy with it. Thanks so much for this awesome curriculum!

  87. Hi! I cannot seem to get the link to open up for downloading. I would love this resource! We are starting Van Gogh on Monday with our studies about the Netherlands. Am I doing something wrong on the download?

  88. I made a lesson plan for this for Homeschool Tracker. If anyone wants it, it located at :)

  89. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for putting this together! :)

  90. FABULOUS!!
    Can we expect a Volume 2 any time soon? LOL! Had to ask….

  91. About what grade level do you recommend The World’s Great Artists Unit Studies for? I volunter teach art at a small christian school and currently teach k5 thru 6th grade. I hope to at some point teach some of the upper grades and need matieral for that. The Abeka curriculum only goes up to 6th grade.

    • I’m using it with my Kindergartner, 2nd and 3rd graders. They’re all doing quite well with it. Since it’s art, it’s easy to teach several grades at once. For the older kids you can use the artist reports that are included, for the younger kids I just do everything through discussion.

      Then obviously the art produced is of different skill level as well between the ages. For the older ones I think I’d just go into more detail on each of the artists, maybe assign some extra reading, or art projects per artist if you’re looking for more in depth study.

      Hope that helps!

  92. For some reason, I cannot get the curriculum to download. Do you have any suggestions? Or are there other links to get to it?

  93. Stephanie says:

    Can you post a link to purchase the boks required for the study? I would be happy to go through your link if it helps you with any comission!

  94. I just wanted to write and tell you we are LOVING the World’s Greatest Artist curriculum. The lessons are deep enough where I feel like my children and “getting” some meat and yet it doesn’t push them to the point of tears. We are all enjoying our study of the artists!
    Your blog has been a huge blessing to me! This is my first year homeschooling and to say it’s been slightly overwhelming would be an understatment! But God called! Thanks for everything you have put together, it really has been a God-send!!!

  95. THANK YOU for this wonderful resource you shared with all of us!!! My son & are a so enjoying using it as a record of our study & art =-) We just finished learning about Monet – I blogged about it & linked folks here & wanted to share it with you –

    Any chance there is a Vol 2 coming out? I really want to do Seurat & love the staple book… or any chance you can put up a template of that? Sorry to bother you!

    Thanks again!! There is a reason you are one of my top 2 go to sites!! =-)

  96. I have been a visitor to your site for a few years now and somehow I missed the Artist Unit Study….wow! I just downloaded it and plan to use it next year….thanks so much for all your hard work!

  97. This is fabulous … thanks for so generously sharing your wonderful materials! I featured your unit study as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and featured your post in my post at

  98. Wow thanks so much for the artist study.

  99. What are the names of the books listed as resources needed?

  100. This is amazing! And you are amazing! Thank you so much for freely sharing this with all of us. It is such a blessing to find not only free material to use in our homeschooling, but such well thought-out and written material. THANK YOU!!!!!

  101. christina bachew says:

    THANK YOU I have looked for years for a homeschooling Art curriculum for my kids. We live over seas and it is super hard to get things however this will give me the info I need! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS

  102. This looks fantastic! Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing it.

  103. Christina Pitterson says:

    Thank you so much for creating this and making it available. Our library actually has all of the books used in the Greatest Artist – I can’t wait to get started with the kids!

  104. Wow thanks so much! this looks great!

  105. Hi there Erica just wondering where will I buy the resources from Books on these artists. Thank you Odelee

  106. This is amazing. Every summer I’ve always wanted to do something like this–with friends and neighborhood kids–even plan some field trips to the local art galleries! To end the unit I’ve always wanted to have an “Art Gallery Opening” of all the kids’ work from over the summer. You know, get those cute art lamps from Ikea…hang everything at their eye level…invite parents, friends, community members….and now!? I have NO excuse!!! :) Could THIS be *the* summer!??? Amazing! GREAT stuff!!!! Such a great, complete unit! Love it!!

  107. I’ve tried to download this a few times already & have had no luck. Is there any other way I can download it? Thank you! -Carol

  108. What’s the difference between the curriculum alone, the books alone and a combination? thanks

  109. This is awesome! Thank you!

  110. Where would I find the books about each artist from? I plan on doing this either this summer or in the fall with my children

  111. I am homeschooling for the first time 2012-2013 school year. My 9 year old was asking me if we could study artist. I am so excited to start this with both my 9 & 12 year old girls. Thank you so much for sharing this lesson plan. Blessings!

  112. Are you planning on doing a Volume 2 anytime soon? We are loving this, and even though my daughter is a bit older than your demographic – she’s learning so much and enjoying the lapbooking especially! She’s going into 4th grade.

    Thank you so much for this! We will be using your geography and Great Composers curriculum as well.

  113. Erica, I just found this website and I LOVE it! What do u use for bible study with your kids? I have been looking for something character based to incorporate. I have a 6 and an 8 year old. I homeschooled for two years then decided to go to work last year and put the kids in school. They both want to be homeschooled again and I miss it too! I thank you for your website, it has totally inspired me! Thank you for all of the help you are providing!

  114. Thank you for the awesome program – I love everything you have to offer to us homeschooling families (especially us new ones 😉 )!

  115. Just promoted your great resource to a local yahoo group via my facebook page! here’s the link for you to check it out.

  116. Hi, Erica!
    I recently found your blog, and it is so helpful. I do have a question about the World’s Greatest Artists: In your instructions, do you tell what information goes in the lapbooks and how to assemble them? We are new to lapbooks, but think it would be a great way to record what we learn about specific artists.
    Rhonda H

  117. Woiw Erica! You have done a great work! It’s a great resource to know many thing and helped a lot of people like me who is very interested to learn about art and artist.
    As I am interested in art and artist, so I have a site where I have posted detail information on famous 101 artist and their work. Please take a look at this site and tell me how is it. Your suggestion will inspire me to do many work like this.

  118. I love this artist study. What did you have in mind when you made it?

  119. Thank you so much for this fantastic PDF! :) I have been trying to incorporate more art lessons into our school day, this will be our curriculum this year. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  120. Hi! What age/grade level do you recommend for greatest artists/greatest composers?

  121. Beautiful study!! Thanks for putting this all together and offering it to us. Getting ready to download now :-)

  122. wowwwww-! Thanks SO much for sharing all your hard work! Art is a much-often neglected subject and you have made it that much easier for the rest of us!! Thank you!!!

  123. We love using these books at an after-school program and recently wrote about some cool Warhol and Pop Art activities we did.

  124. Hi Erica,

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such a great resource for art. Unfortunately, I’m having difficulties downloading the file. Could you please help me? Thanks.

  125. I have a question…I hope it’s not a stupid question…but I am in need of answers that go with the unit study. We are doing our first artist and have put together our jumbo lap book. Where are the answers for the minibooks regarding the style and technique of each artist. Also, where are the answers to the flashcards? Maybe I am overlooking where to find the answers. Thanks for you help!

  126. Hello and God bless you!
    I don’t understand how this work. I order the greatest compositor and artist for your website, will i expect coming trought mail like a package? What the download mean? Im very confused.
    Thank you for your time.

  127. Thanks for sharing!! This is awesome!

  128. Heather says:

    I fell in with this curriculum you have so beautifully put together! However I can’t find the Matisse book anywhere for the price of the others :-( not even on the authors website. The OCD part of me is freaking out without a complete curriculum to use. Lol. The only copies I can find are $40. I’m guessing maybe it is no longer in print.? Do you know of a website, I may not have come across, where this is available? If not, being the wonderful, creative person you are would you be willing to replace this artist so the curriculum still has 8? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease :-)
    Thank you for all you do and share with us all!!

  129. Heather says:

    I fell in love with this WONDERFUL curriculum you have made and immediately wanted to add it to our art curriculum this coming school year. So I started filling my cart on amazon. However, when I came across Matisse the book is $40! Ahhh! With the others being less then $7 this price seems CRAZY! So I started searching the web. After about an hour or so, no luck. I didn’t even see it listed on the author’s website :-( The OCD part of me is freaking out!! Lol. Do you know where this book may still be available for purchase? If not would you be willing to replace this artist with another one in the series so the unit still has 8? Pleeeeeeese?!? *insert big smile face here*

  130. Jessica says:

    Oh wow!! That looks like an amazing curriculum!

  131. Thank you soo much for sharing this! I needed somewhere to start, and with very limited funds I just didn’t know what I was going to do. This has helped so much!
    I linked to it in my blog as well :)

  132. What an amazing unit you’ve put together. I wish that I’d found it sooner. I can’t wait to use this unit with my daughter when she gets a little older.

  133. Lydia Wade says:

    Thank you so much for not only creating this amazing unit study but sharing it as well. I have been looking for a unit study with this in mind. It’s perfect. Although I may not do the entire study, we will focus on 1-2 artists.
    Thanks again for your hard work.

  134. Yvette Wilkinson says:

    Wow, this is amazing, I’ve been waiting for a site like this to provide the tools to get more involved in my kids education. Thanks so much and stay blessed…

  135. Loraine Davila says:

    Hi, I ordered the artists and composers instant downloads, but don’t see how to access them for downloading. Can you please instruct me?

    Thank you,


  136. Hi! I paid for it today and not receive the dowload.What’s the problem? I will wait that you resolve it .

  137. Hi! I paid for a dowload today and it not hapeened.Whats the problem? I will wait for it.Thanks

  138. Hi! Today a paid for a dowload and not receive it. Whats the problem. I will wait for it.Thanks

  139. Thanks.
    Thank you so much for not only creating this amazing unit study but sharing it as well.

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