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Ever wonder how you’re going to manage all the precious school papers your kids bring home, or in our case all the stuff they create in your home?

I get a lot of questions on how we store all of our homeschool papers and records. I even wrote a post on Storage and Record Keeping. But what about the special things you want to keep permanently? And how about those pictures that you take each year to show how your kids have grown? Enter the “My School Memories” kit!




Awhile back, like before I had 4 kids and started homeschooling,  I had intentions of scrapbooking a page or more for each of my children to help show their progress from one year to the next. Sadly I’ve been so busy preparing lesson plans and taking care of our house that I haven’t exactly had time to follow through on my plans.

So in response to that, I created some super easy and cute school memory pages to help make it easier for me to remember these years! AND… in the spirit of Christmas gift giving I’m going to share them with you for FREE!




Each page is already set up for you, so all you have to do is print the PDF then glue on a picture and fill out some information! And if you noticed, I worded the pages so that your children can fill in the information themselves! Not only does this take some of the work off of your plate, but how cute will it be to see their own handwriting as they journal about their favorite things from one year to the next!




The pages go from preschool all the way to 12th grade, and included in the printable are little labels for your file folders along with instructions on printing them out.

Since I know there are homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers who read my blog, I made 2 versions of these printables for you! Click below to download the one you would like. The kits are basically the same, but I switched out a few of the questions so they make sense for either of your educational choices!

(DOWNLOAD TIP: If the file does not open in your browser window, RIGHT click on the below download link then select “SAVE LINK AS”.  You will then be prompted to save the file to your hard drive.)


Currently I am keeping their favorite pieces of art and things I want to remember in these file folders. I place the cover page with their photo in folder in the front, then I can easily add in anything they make throughout the year.



I went ahead and printed one set for each of my kids and then added them to their file folders so they’re ready to go. All I have to do is add on a picture each year, then at the end of the year I’ll have them fill in their pages.




Alternative to the file folders: You can also use page protectors and put your stuff in binders. I think the folders work nicely because you can just toss stuff in there, and you don’t have to worry about hole punching anything. But if you use page protectors you can kind of do the samething :o)

I hope you enjoy these, and happy memory keeping!



  1. Jennifer S says:

    Erica – I was totally gonna take advantage of your Christmas Gift – but I don’t see a download link?


  2. Dorothy Hinds says:

    me neither!

  3. Wow! These are awesome! I have been looking for something like this. Thanks so much for sharing them! I just can’t figure out how to download them, I don’t see a link or anything. Am I missing something?

    • Photographer in the Making :) says:

      In the above post this is the section with the link. The …Enter the “My School Memories” kit is a link 🙂

      …I get a lot of questions on how we store all of our homeschool papers and records. I even wrote a post on Storage and Record Keeping. But what about the special things you want to keep permanently? And how about those pictures that you take each year to show how your kids have grown? Enter the “My School Memories” kit!

  4. Thanks a bunch, I hope to download these as well! 🙂 Thank you!

  5. same here, they look awsome thanks!

  6. ERICA! Thank you so much! I am so excited for these. I only wish I had this way back when they first started. But now is better than never!! BTW Congrats for getting chosen to write on Candace Bure’s magazine…what an honor!

  7. WoW!!! How can I download this file?

    This is great! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher’s Treasure

  8. what a great idea! but, maybe I’m missing it, how do I download it?

  9. Has anyone had luck downloading the homeschool memories sheet? When I click the link it says “nothing found”. When I right click and say “Save link as” it downloads, but then won’t open the pdf.

  10. Kimberly Mauldin says:

    It doesn’t seem like the homeschool version of these pages are working. Would love to have a copy. Thank you so much!

  11. Thanks, I love these!!!! I started books for my older two, but like you other stuff has taken over my plates! These are going to be great. This will help me finish numbers 20 & 21 on my 101 in 1001 list. Check it out here:

  12. You inspire me to start my small store of educational printables (, so I’m very grateful

    I can not download the HomeschoolDays, look:
    and clicking the right mouse button also gives me errors: (

    Thank you very much for enlightening us
    I send you a big hug (and sorry for my terrible english)


  13. I’m excited about these, and can’t wait until the download link is repaired. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  14. Mrs. K Hewett says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us! Unfortunately I cannot download these files unless I use your “right click” fix, and then I cannot open the files. I hope this is something that can be remedied easily because I would LOVE to use these pages with my children! Thanks again!


  15. Thanks for the cute memory keepsakes! God bless your giving as you continue to seek the Lord and glorify His name!

  16. I’m just as excited as all the other posters, but I can’t open the links either. Can you imagine the traffic on the site once the link is repaired? LOL! I’m sure we’ll get a note once the links are ready ~

  17. I would like to share to all about our glorified holiday season and the truth behind “Christmas”. If you are a truth seeker and love the Lord with all you heart, mind, body, and soul…please read my blog for the next 25 days for 25 days of Christmas Truths. (Click on my name-Deanna) Blessings to you and our Glorious King!

  18. If you click on her link towards the top of this post that says “school memories kit” you are able to download what looks to be the full kit for “school”. Still not seeing one for homeschool but Erica does so much for all of us and I couldn’t be homeschooling without her and all that she does. Thank you Erica for being so Awesome!

  19. I can’t open the homeschool link either. It says error.

  20. Thanks! I love these and look forward to using them.

  21. Thanks so much! this is a wonderful gift!

  22. Thank you so much! These are so cute and fun! I keep a manila folder for each school year and thiis is perfect to decorate them with (rather than my “name – grade/year” on top!)

  23. Angela Foltz says:

    Thanks! Love them!

  24. Erica, these are fabulous! So special. ♥ I downloaded the homeschool kit from your first comment {thank you!} They look great!

  25. Thank you! These are awesome! I wasn’t able to download from the link either by clicking on it or saving the link, but when I clicked on the first link in the comments, I was also able to download it. Thanks again!

  26. Thank you♥

  27. Thank you for sharing your talent! These are wonderful!

  28. Hi everyone, sorry the homeschool file link was broken, but it should be fixed now!

  29. Thanks so much! You make being a “super mom” so much easier 😉

  30. As always, amazing amazing amazing. Thank you so much. I have step children and I only have so much from their “pre-us” years, but this will be PERFECT. And I can incorporate my homeschool daughter’s as well. LOVE.

  31. These are so great! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  32. Awesome! Thanks!

  33. Erica!! These are so beautiful!!! I wanted to create something like this, but you did such a beautiful job!! I was wondering if you would be willing to create a memory page for each month? I am not a good daily or weekly journal writer but I want to remember these precious days:) Just a thought;)

  34. Thank you so much for everything you create and share! I love your website and your products.

  35. Melissa Miller says:

    What a great idea! Thank you!!

  36. Wow, thank you for the awesome gift! I’m going to have to start doing this! Merry Christmas!

  37. These are so wonderful! Thank you very much!

  38. These are AWESOME! Thank you for sharing.

  39. Thank you so much!!! 🙂 love them!

  40. Wow!! Thanks bunches for sharing such an amazing gift!! 🙂

  41. Erica this is fantastic!!!!!!!! love this with all my heart!!

  42. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this wonderful way to save and organize our homeschooling memories!

  43. Awesome! Thanks so much for these … it saves me from having to make my own!!! LoL I have too much to do right now anyhow … so I’m super appreciative of your gift. 🙂

    I’ve been on the hunt for something like the ones they sell in stores for my 2 boys, but the prices of those things are just a bit much anymore. They are not very well made either.

    Adding another “You’re Awesome” here for the heck of it 🙂


  44. Hi Erica

    Thank you so much. These are gorgeous.


  45. Melinda T says:

    This is great! I also had great plans…not enough time to do it all, so this is beyond wonderful! Thank you very much.

  46. What amazing printables – especially for this very OCD mother of three who had the same goals and ambitions of scrapping each school memory! (God sure showed me! Haha!) Like many others, though, I can’t seem to acess the link. Any advice you could share would be great!

    Thank you!


  48. Erica-thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I especially appreciate the fact that you did both homeschool and public school. I have one in homeschool and two in public school right now (trying to get them all back home again) so this is perfect for us. You are so talented!

    God Bless-

  49. Hi Erica

    Thank you as always for your generosity in sharing all these wonderful printables with us. Firstly I wondered on each sheet what you mean by The Question – My Grade? (grade is in A, B, C, D, F??? – does that exist in kinder and preschool?)

    Also I hate to be critical but I can;t help but point out the correct spelling is twelfth not twelvth.


    • Hi Kirsty,
      Thanks so much for the correction, I thought I’d already fixed it, but I didn’t upload it!

      For the MY GRADE area, I meant it to be where they would write in first, second, third, fourth etc. I know it’s on the top of the sheet too, but I just wanted to have my kids hand write their stuff in so I could preserve their handwriting LOL! IF you can think of a different question I’m all up to change it! :o)

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