Ever wonder how you’re going to manage all the precious school papers your kids bring home, or in our case all the stuff they create in your home?

I get a lot of questions on how we store all of our homeschool papers and records. I even wrote a post on Storage and Record Keeping. But what about the special things you want to keep permanently? And how about those pictures that you take each year to show how your kids have grown? Enter the “My School Memories” kit!




Awhile back, like before I had 4 kids and started homeschooling,  I had intentions of scrapbooking a page or more for each of my children to help show their progress from one year to the next. Sadly I’ve been so busy preparing lesson plans and taking care of our house that I haven’t exactly had time to follow through on my plans.

So in response to that, I created some super easy and cute school memory pages to help make it easier for me to remember these years! AND… in the spirit of Christmas gift giving I’m going to share them with you for FREE!




Each page is already set up for you, so all you have to do is print the PDF then glue on a picture and fill out some information! And if you noticed, I worded the pages so that your children can fill in the information themselves! Not only does this take some of the work off of your plate, but how cute will it be to see their own handwriting as they journal about their favorite things from one year to the next!




The pages go from preschool all the way to 12th grade, and included in the printable are little labels for your file folders along with instructions on printing them out.

Since I know there are homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers who read my blog, I made 2 versions of these printables for you! Click below to download the one you would like. The kits are basically the same, but I switched out a few of the questions so they make sense for either of your educational choices!

(DOWNLOAD TIP: If the file does not open in your browser window, RIGHT click on the below download link then select “SAVE LINK AS”.  You will then be prompted to save the file to your hard drive.)


Currently I am keeping their favorite pieces of art and things I want to remember in these file folders. I place the cover page with their photo in folder in the front, then I can easily add in anything they make throughout the year.

I used the Smead Oversized File folders for this project.



I went ahead and printed one set for each of my kids and then added them to their file folders so they’re ready to go. All I have to do is add on a picture each year, then at the end of the year I’ll have them fill in their pages.




Alternative to the file folders: You can also use page protectors and put your stuff in binders. I think the folders work nicely because you can just toss stuff in there, and you don’t have to worry about hole punching anything. But if you use page protectors you can kind of do the same thing :o)

I hope you enjoy these, and happy memory keeping!



  1. I *LooOOooVE* these, (you heard me sing that, right?) Super cute and creative. You did such an awesome job. Could I make a suggestion? Would you be willing to make these for a “first day of school” memory book? Such as change, “My School Memories” to “My First Day of.” Then the comments to maybe “My name,” “The year,” “My height,” “My favorite hobby,” “I’m excited about,” “I want to be a.” Then “notes from the year” to “goals of the year.” Then “Things I want to remember” to “Interesting things about me.”

    I know this is a lot to ask, and takes a lot of time to do, and you are a busy super-momma. 🙂 I just thought I’d throw that out. Either way, if you decide to do another “first day of school” version or not, I WILL be using these absolutely adorable printables. You are aMAZing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Angela,
      The folders and box were purchased from Target a few years ago, but I’m sure you can find something similar from an office supply store, or maybe Target still has something similar :o)

  2. Just wanted to say ‘thank you!!” I pinned something just like this when my oldest was just 6 months old. He will finish his first year of Pre-K next week, so here I am 4 years later finally printing these and getting my act together. I went ahead and printed 3 copies (i for each of my kids). Thank you for providing these so I didn’t have to spend time doing it myself!!!

    Megan Wilson
  3. WOW- you are so creative! I’ve been looking for a school memories book on the internet… but I couldn’t find one where I could add my own comments with extra writing space. I had no intentions to do an album all on my own…. but your templates are amazing and I’m going to give this a go. Thank you for sharing your time and talent- Natasha in Alberta, CANADA

  4. I just found this! My son is in preschool and what a way to start a keepsake school book! Thank you! Can you please tell me the name of the font you used for the black lettering for “School Memories” so I can make a binder cover sheet to match?
    I would greatly appreciate it 🙂


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