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Since it’s a new year, one of my resolutions is always to focus more on the health of our family. Aside from healthy eating, fitness is also a big part of that. For the last couple years we’ve used Family Time Fitness in our homeschool and we are still loving it! The lessons are super easy, no weird or unusual equipment is required, and the kids love them!

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Most of you know that I did a review and giveaway for Family Time Fitness last year,  you can read it here. Since we are having so much fun with this program, I wanted to do another giveaway for you! They are always very generous with giveaways for you all, and this time they’re offering 2 basketball fitness packages, 2 core one products, and a platinum package to help you get fit in 2013!

Family Time Fitness provides lesson plans for daily use, however we typically do it 2-3 times per week time allowing. I really love their focus on physical education, and even get reminder emails sent to my inbox to encourage me to do the lessons!

One of the things I like most is The Family Time Fitness YouTube channel.  Here you can see videos on all of the exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly, and also informational videos as well! Very helpful!



What does the Homeschool Curriculum include?

  • Each lesson is planned out for you from start to finish
  • Detailed instructions and videos to help you teach the skills
  • Easy to customize to your schedule
  • Motivational reminders sent to your inbox
  • Most activities can be done indoors or outdoors with minimal space requirements
  • 30-45 minutes per day
  • Increases physical health and well being
  • Program develops fundamental movements, agility, and balance
  • Includes progress chart
  • Activities are progressive and sequential
  • Daily Food Diary
  • Grocery List
  • Meal Planner
  • Nutrition Log
  • Tracking Calendar

My Giveaways! Family Time Fitness is offering the below products for giveaway for my readers:

One copy: The Homeschool Platinum Fitness Package includes the above Core 1 Physical Education program, all of the K-5 workbooks, Fundamentals of Basketball Sports Module, and a Free one year subscription to the Home Educating Family magazine. That’s a retail value of $249!

Two Copies: The Basketball Fitness Package includes 18 lesson plans, 2 assessment plans, 8-10 week program and video demonstrations. Regularly $99, but they’re offering it for $27 online now!

Two Copies: The Core 1 Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum includes a startup guide, PDF lesson plans, video demonstrations, assessment tools, reminder emails, lifetime curriculum and video updates, access to online webinars and certificates of completion. Regular price $199, but they’re offering a discount online of $57 right now!

Note: One curriculum purchase can be used for all your children, and we never charge any subscription fees or annual renewal fees.


Ready to win?

Simply fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. Amy Behnke says:

    I would be super pumped to win any of these packages. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Airam Nevels says:


  3. I’m not sure where to enter my comment for the rafflecopter #1. So I’ll enter it here… Any of them would be great. Core 1 is where I’d most like to start.

  4. Kayla Rice says:

    Core 1 would be wonderful 🙂

  5. Christine says:

    The Platinum Package seems like the best value. My son, who enjoys basketball, would appreciate the basketball component.

  6. The Platinum one for sure, I like the workbooks! This would help our family of 8 !

  7. I would like the Core 1 package. Thank you!

  8. Hi I would like the core 1 package please as that is the one we are currently considering. We are in the UK though so not sure if eligible even though there are no physical components to this package. Thank you your website is such an inspiration for a new homeschooling parent.

  9. With 2 boys and 2 girls its hard to find something to engage all of them. This sounds great.

  10. The platinum looks absolutely wonderful! It seems to cover everything we could possibly want or need!

  11. Allison Adams says:

    I would love the platinum package to add to our homeschool day and start our New Year off with a focus on healthy bodies.

  12. I’d love to win the platinum package! I think it would be a helpful addition to our homeschool.Thanks!

  13. The platinum one of course! That would give us enough material that everyone would enjoy!

  14. I would like any…I guess Core 1 would be a great start. Thanks so much!

  15. All of them look great but I would pick the platinum.

  16. I would love the home school Platinum fitness. IT looks awesome.

  17. Jennifer L says:

    We like the Platinum package.

  18. Platinum package

  19. Platinum 1 sounds perfect!

  20. The platinum would be great, but the core package would be a great start for us!

  21. Cassie distefano says:

    Platinum (for homeschooling)!

  22. We would love o win the Core 1! What a great start! Thank you.

  23. Core curriculum 1:)

  24. TrishInFL says:

    The platinum package for sure!

  25. I would love Platinum Fitness, but the Core 1 would Rock too!

  26. I’d love to use the core program!

  27. Platinum would be amazing, but Core 1 would still be a great asset to our home and homeschool.

  28. I would love to win any of them!! Such a neat idea!!

  29. I have 3 boys so they would love ant of them!

  30. Sarah Ann Wong says:

    If I won, I think I would just like the basic homeschool program. The coop sounds intriguing, but may be a bit difficult to coordinate.

  31. My boys and I would love either the platnium or the core 1 package. I definately need encouragement to get us up and moving and this looks like just the thing.

  32. I’d love the platinum package! I have the Core One program but have one entering high school in June, so I’d love the high school fitness program. I’ve been wanting the workbooks for my younger 2 kids ever since I got Core One last year. Love it! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  33. Tamara Abboud says:

    Platinum package … I have had my eye on this curriculum for a while … Would love to win it!!!

  34. Kristina Best says:

    I would love Fitness 4 Homeschool – Core 1

  35. Kristie S. says:

    I would love to win the platinum package. If I was going to buy I would probably buy the Regular package just to try it out. I have such good intentions about doing exercises with the kids but it always go by the wayside as we focus on getting on other work done. Having something like this would certainly help!

  36. Candace B. says:

    Sounds like a great addition to our homeschool! I would love any, especially the core or platinum

  37. I’d love the Platinum package but the Core 1 would be great too.

  38. I would love to win any of these packages! I’ve looked at their curriculum for a while, but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks!

  39. Core 1 looks like a great starting point!

  40. I would love the home school Platinum fitness. It looks awesome.

  41. We would love to have any of these.

  42. Jerri mayfield says:

    Our family would love the platinum package!

  43. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. Fitness for Homeschool-core 1. Thank you.

  45. Any of these packages would be great! The Core is one that would be the best fit for us!

  46. We have just started homeschooling this year and I think this would be great for my kindergartener. The premium package looks great because it would follow us all the way through. He would love it! And so would I! 😉

  47. Thanks so much for a great giveaway! I’d love to win the Core package (though I certainly wouldn’t mind the Platinum or even the basketball package, either!).

  48. I’d love the core 1 package. Thanks!

  49. Brenda T. says:

    I’d love to win Core Curriculum 1

  50. I would love to win the core program. I have never been very sports oriented and this eould really help, I think.

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