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Have you wanted to start a blog, but aren’t sure where to start? Already started a blog, but don’t know about all of the technical aspects of blogging?



Don’t worry! I have an exciting new resource for all of you bloggers out there, newbies and experienced bloggers alike. Introducing iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging from 30 top bloggers eBook!

I’ve had the honor of teaming up with 30 other top bloggers to produce this new eBook! This resource is basically a blogger’s “how-to” manual to help you start and maintain a successful blog. It’s literally packed full of tips and advice from 30 influential and successful bloggers.

And while there are several homeschooling contributors, this book is by no means just for homeschoolers, but it is for all bloggers out there looking for a great ‘how-to’ guide to improve their blog!



Disclosure: I am a contributing author for the iBlog ebook. The link to purchase this eBook is an affiliate link and I will receive a percentage of the sale from purchases completed through my link.


Each of us tackled a topic that we were most familiar with, so when you combine all of our brain power….whew! You know the iBlog eBook is an excellent resource from some serious blogging experts!

I’ve personally been blogging for about 3 years now, and still don’t know all there is to know about blogging. It definitely doesn’t help that online industry is a constantly changing beast. So I was so excited to receive my copy of this eBook to learn more about all those aspects of blogging that I am still learning.

Thanks to the collaboration of these awesome bloggers, we have truly created a valuable resource for all bloggers, both veteran and newbies!

My Contribution:

I was so excited to write a chapter titled “Using Freebies to Build Your Blog”.   As you all know I love to offer freebies to you all, and sort of stumbled into selling my own products as well!

I never intended for my blog to grow like it has, and I certainly wasn’t strategically creating freebies to try and gain followers. Nor am I a business or marketing genius. But looking back, I can honestly say that offering freebies was something that helped build my blog even though I was blissfully unaware of their power! So in this chapter I hope to share how you can create your own freebies to share on your blog as well.

I was also blessed to contribute to the chapter on “Selling Your Own Products along side with Cindy West from Our Journey Westward, and Amy Maze from Living & Learning at Home. If you haven’t already checked out their blogs, I highly encourage you to do so. Both are full of wonderful homeschool resources!

And as most of you know, I also have created quite a bit of curriculum which I am able to sell in my Confessions of a Homeschooler store as well. While I hadn’t ever anticipated selling my own products when I first started blogging, it was a natural progression that has definitely blessed our family. So in this chapter I share my story on how I create and sell my products so you might be encouraged to do the same!


So let’s get to the eBook shall we?

I think the best way for me to explain the awesomeness of this book is to share our Table of Contents. There are 37 chapters with close to 400 pages full of helpful of information.

We bloggers share everything we have learned along our blogging journeys, from photography tips, how to get traffic, best practices for researching and organizing your content, joining link-ups, writing a media kit to attract advertisers, how to balance blogging, marriage, motherhood and much much more!

Seriously, I don’t think there’s a topic we missed in regards to blogging!

Table of Contents:

  1. Building a Vision for Your Blog
  2. Finding Your Niche
  3. Blog Design 101
  4. Designing and Starting Your Blog on WordPress
  5. Designing and Starting Your Blog on Blogger
  6. Disclosure and Privacy Policies
  7. Writing and Using an Elevator Pitch
  8. Blog Planning and organization
  9. Basic SEO
  10. Stock Image Tips
  11. Blog Photography 101
  12. Streamlining Your Research
  13. Getting Your Blog Off the Ground
  14. Building Your Brand
  15. Building Community Through Your Blog
  16. How to Get Traffic to Your Blog
  17. How to Get Subscribers
  18. Guest Posting
  19. Link-ups, Hops, and Other Events
  20. Using Facebook to Grow Your Blog
  21. Facebook Parties
  22. Facebook Hops
  23. using Twitter to Grow Your Blog
  24. using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog
  25. Using Freebies to Build Your Blog
  26. How to Create your Own Printables
  27. Selling Your Own Products
  28. Using Affiliate marketing
  29. How to Write a media Kit
  30. How to Write a Product Review
  31. Working as a Virtual Assistant
  32. Running a Group Blog
  33. Marriage and Blogging
  34. Balancing Motherhood and Blogging
  35. Using Your Blog as a Ministry
  36. Time Saving Blog Tips
  37. The Power of Attending a Blog Conference


How can you get your hands on all of these blogging goodies?

You can grab this super sweet eBook for just $7.99! Click below curvedarrow


And you know I love to giveaway free stuff to you all, so along with the launch I’m offering a FREE copy to THREE of my readers!

And if you don’t want to wait, you’re welcome to purchase the book now and I’ll refund your purchase if you win!

Just fill in the entry below for your chance!

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Feel free to visit our website: iBlog the book to see all of the wonderful bloggers who have contributed to this eBook!

Disclosure: I am a contributing author for the iBlog ebook. The link to purchase this eBook is an affiliate link and I will receive a percentage of the sale from purchases completed through my link.

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  1. I am so excited that this book discusses using a blog as a ministry!

  2. I’d love to see how I can start a blog while at the same time balancing my times with 3 young kids.

  3. dawn finch says:

    I would love to have a step by step in simple terms on what to do to start ablog for a complete beginer

  4. Thursday Took says:

    I’d like to know as much about copyright as possible. Thanks!

  5. Anita A. says:

    I would love to know how to balance blogging, parenting, and homeschool. :)

  6. Getting a blog off the ground is what I’d like to read about most, as well as balancing motherhood and blogging.

  7. Diana McCullah says:

    I would love to know how to blog for an income while balancing home and homeschool.

  8. Blog balance, printables and selling.

  9. I’d love to see how you and many others juggle it all (blogging, mommy duties, homeschooling, etc.)

  10. Kathleen Calabrese says:

    I have just started looking into blogging but I don’t really know how to move forward. This book will be really helpful.

  11. I would like to know how to make blogging the most time efficient for the busy mom.

  12. Would be interested in using your blog as a ministry.

  13. There are so many topics that I want covered for sure, but I really do like the one you have covered :) AND how to stay organized.

  14. I definitely need to learn more about driving traffic to my blog!

  15. Sarah Corner says:

    The chapters in this book look so indepth!! I would love to read every one of them. But especially the how to get started on wordpress and making my own printables chapters :) Thanks so much on contributing to such an incredible resource. Your information is always so helpful!! :)

  16. Heather O says:

    I have thought many times about starting a blog but had no idea where/how to start-so this book would be a great resource!

  17. Just don’t know where to start! All of it would be helpful :)

  18. The organizing chapter and ministry chapter both look amazing! (OK, the whole book looks amazing!)

  19. i’d love to know the ins and outs of starting a blog for a beginner. :)

  20. Growing my blog. Could defiantly use some help there.

  21. I would love to know how to create printables for my children and to use on my blog.

  22. So many great topics. I would like to read how to balance and blog and raising kids.

  23. Tamara Abboud says:

    Love this … like to know more about other apps/tools that have been successful in storing ideas/”rough drafts” of topics to blog later. Also, would like to know more about creation of printables.

  24. I would like information about creating income from a blog, such as with advertising, counting clicks, and affiliates.

  25. I think what I’m most interested in is balancing blogging with family life and other business activities.

  26. i love all the topics and i think all the bases are already covered, looks great!

  27. What a good book Idea. I can’t wait to read it and learn more for my new blog. I started it mostly as away to update family but have ideas to expand it more. Thanks for your hard work. I really have a new apperciation for bloggers since starting my own! :)

  28. gaining followers would be a big one for me. Also finding inspiration on what to write about!

  29. How to do it with little ones at foot?

  30. Legal issues

  31. I’d like to learn how to grow my blog and balance life too :)

  32. About writing creatiely and making it interesting.

  33. How to juggle motherhood, homeschooling, blogging… And staying creative enough to keep people coming to your blog. :) this looks awesome! Can’t wait to read!

  34. How awesome! This is exactly what I have been needing. Am interested esp. in blog design. Thx!

  35. How to set up your blog for beginners!

  36. I would love to learn about just starting a blog from scratch and coming up with new ideas.

  37. I would mostly love to learn the best website for a blog and some tips on creating it.

  38. Time management!

  39. I would love to learn more about balancing the blog, family life and homeschooling. :)

  40. Sorry Erica, I can not just pick one…….I would start from the beginning and move on though page by page. I need it all!!!!

  41. I’d love to read about how to get started & also balancing everything in our busy family. =)

  42. How to earn money blogging and how long it took with real numbers – time commitment, length of time blogging, etc. So excited for this book!

  43. I would first like to know how to get started! ;-)

  44. I would most like to know how to set up a schedule for yourself to blog regularly.

  45. I’m interested in the chapters on blog design

  46. I am interested in blog design.

  47. I am interested in learning how to design my blog.

  48. I create many worksheets for our own children who have special needs and would love to be able to share more on my website. I purchased a self-hosted site & installed wordpress but I am stuck on how to transfer current blog from blogger. I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t have much time to devote to working on solving the problem either. Ugh!

  49. Elizabeth says:

    I’m most excited at using your blog as a ministry.

  50. I am interested in time management and how you schedule your work on the blog around family, homeschooling, part time work. How do you not let yourself get caught up in all the possibilities and different things you can do?

  51. How to find ideas for what to write on. I have a dormant blog right now, and I’d love to use it more often, but it came down to me using it to have a hard copy of my menu plan for each week. I’m not sure if the ideas I come up with are relevent to anyone else but me. Who else would want to hear about potty training my stubborn 3 year old, or how I manage my Autistic 5 year old’s meltdowns during homeschool.

  52. Blog design- widgets, banners, and all that. How to get them on and what they mean.

  53. Growing my blog. I would like more growth:)

  54. How to increase traffic and get readers to comment.

  55. All if it. It looks amazing.

  56. Im excited about the creating vision section. This is hard for me because I have so many interests and passions. It’s difficult narrowing down and focusing.

  57. The whole book sounds great, but I would pick getting subscribers.

  58. Charlene says:

    I would be interested in getting started and blog design.

  59. Getting my blog off the ground since I’m just starting my homeschooling blog. I also am looking forward to reading the section on traffic and subscribers for my blog and for others that I participate in.

  60. Picking the BEST posts out of all your ideas.

  61. I’d love to learn about the nuts & bolts of getting a blog up and running – everything from figuring out yoru niche to choosing a blog name to growing a readership.

  62. I’m looking to improve my blog design, so I am interested in reading about that topic.

  63. I need to work on SEO, so I am really excited about this book!

  64. Sonya C. says:

    I would love to hear about the best way to come up with interesting content!

  65. I want to know how to just **really** get my blog started and growing! :)

  66. Selling your products. I just started making cards and paper goods and would love to know how to sell and get more people interested in what I do.

  67. How to get started and how to balance everything, plus how to maintain some privacy for family.

  68. Hello there. Having read the Table of Contents of the book, I am very confident to say I would love to have a copy for myself. Can I get this in a paperback version? Are you planning to sell it internationally? I am from the Philippines and the idea of blogging as one’s ministry is just, awesome.

  69. I would love to learn how to blog in simple terms – not for selling just for crafts, family tree, etc etc. Is this book downloadable if not will you be willing to send to Australia.

    • Megan Gibbons says:

      Hi Kendell.
      I’m in Australia and I just downloaded the book. Its $7.99 USD which works out less than $10. Cheap right? Just click on the iBlog picture above and you will be navigated to the iHomeschool site where you can purchase it. Once I was on the iHoeschool site I think I clicked on the iBlog tab and then selected purchase or something like that.

      I’ve just started reading it and have already found it a great resource. Good luck with your blogging.

      Best wishes

  70. I bought this book and was hoping for a bit more information on creating printables. I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the clipart for your curriculum? Most of the clipart I’ve found online is very restrictive on how it is to be used. Or did you design all of your own clipart? Thanks so much!

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