iBlog Pro Now Available!

Hi everyone! I have exciting news today! My 2nd collaborative blogging book has been released! It’s called iBlog Pro: Taking your blog to the next level! There are 49 chapters packed full of amazing blogging tips, tricks, and technical information on how you can create an awesome blog! It was created by 30 top bloggers. This bad boy really gets to the nitty-gritty of blogging. Topics like how your blog can make money for you, how to maximize your time, setting up a business, accounting and taxes (ugh), working with vendors and sponsors, creating and selling products, and more are included in this amazing resource! It also includes chapters on Technology and Tools, managing and mastering social media, creating your own ebook, productivity, writing motivation, and the best blogging conferences! Seriously I can’t tell you how much information is packed in this book! I have even learned a thing or two myself! I’ve had so many questions from you all that are … [Read more...]


iBlog eBook

Have you wanted to start a blog, but aren’t sure where to start? Already started a blog, but don’t know about all of the technical aspects of blogging?   Don’t worry! I have an exciting new resource for all of you bloggers out there, newbies and experienced bloggers alike. Introducing iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging from 30 top bloggers eBook! I’ve had the honor of teaming up with 30 other top bloggers to produce this new eBook! This resource is basically a blogger’s “how-to” manual to help you start and maintain a successful blog. It’s literally packed full of tips and advice from 30 influential and successful bloggers. And while there are several homeschooling contributors, this book is by no means just for homeschoolers, but it is for all bloggers out there looking for a great ‘how-to’ guide to improve their blog!   Disclosure: I am a contributing author for the iBlog ebook. The link to purchase this eBook is an affiliate link and I … [Read more...]


2013 Blog Planner FREE Printable

Hello fellow bloggers! If you don't know me by now, I'm a planner! I love planners, and I especially love pretty ones! So...back by popular demand is the new and *improved* 2013 Blog Post Planner! I made some modifications based on your comments, so there are now two versions of the planner for you!   Option 1: Calendar Style Layout: What’s Included? A Year at a Glance Calendar Style Post layout: Each calendar day includes a check box for if the post is scheduled, if it’s a review/giveaway, and if you’ve shared it with the popular social media of the day; fb, tw, G+, Pin. A Blog Notes Page: This page has room for giveaway and review vendor information, post ideas, and a place to track monthly statistics.   Here is a close-up of the post planner pages for the month of May. Each month is a different color scheme just to keep things beautiful!     Option 2: The Lined Format Post Planner What’s Included? A Year at a … [Read more...]


2012 Blog Post Planner

I’ve been scouring the internet for some kind of blog post planner to help me organize my posts, ideas, reviews, giveaways. And I mean, it had to be pretty right? Sadly I haven’t found one that has exactly what I’m after, so I made one and wanted to share it with any of you out there looking for a planner too! Introducing the 2012 Blog Post Planner! Monthly Planner Page One: Each month has a different color scheme and two information pages with it. The first page is a month layout. The dates are listed along the left side of the sheet, then there is room for the Topic or Title of your post, and Category/Tag (In Blogger, these are called Labels).  Next to that are little check boxes to note if the post is a review and/or giveaway. There is also a winner box so that I can check that once my winner is selected and an email has been sent to them along with a post created. That way I won’t forget to pick my winners!   Next are social media check boxes, one for … [Read more...]


Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

I finally did it! I migrated off of Blogger and onto WordPress! I fell all grown up or something. Like I just did an overhaul on my closet for spring. Cleaned house. You get the idea. Don't get me wrong, Blogger served me well for over 2 years, but it was really time to bite the bullet and grow up! The process was not as difficult as I thought it would be, but really most of the thanks goes to my Super-Star Husband (seriously, this guy ROCKS!) And now I'm finally the owner of my own stuff! Whoohoo!   So right off the bat you'll notice that I have a super easy to use "search" box right at the top right of my blog. You can put anything you like in here and hopefully, if all went well, it'll find it for you! How nice right? Just trying to make it easier for you all to find things that tend to get lost in "blog abyss". I also installed a nifty new slideshow for my most recent and featured posts! You should be able to click on the [read more...] link to read the entire … [Read more...]