Homeschool Foreign Language Curriculum Forum

Hi all! Today we’re talking about our favorite foreign language programs in the homeschool curriculum forum series! For younger students my favorite program is PowerSpeak. It is an online program with fun games and activities that help foster general vocabulary and sentence structure. My only issue with this is price and the lack of levels available. Currently they only offer elementary level 1 and 2, then the next one up is Jr. High which I thought would be too difficult for my 4th grader. Pros: Fun and independent curriculum. No experience necessary to begin. Cons: Fairly expensive, especially if you have multiple students. Limited in levels available. Only 5 languages available My next choice is Rosetta Stone. We tried to use this initially when Strawberry Shortcake was in 2nd grade and it just didn’t go well. The curriculum moved way too fast for her, and it assumed a certain level of maturity to infer differences in verb tenses and sentence … [Read more...]


Speekee Spanish Review & Giveaway

Welcome to Day 8 of my 10,000 Subscriber Celebration! I hope you’ve all had a good time up til now and I’ve got another great giveaway today! I took Spanish in High School…let’s just say that was awhile back and leave it at that, shall we? And I’ve been looking for a good Spanish program to continue on our studies. I’ve heard some interesting reviews on Speekee and so I wanted to give Speekee Spanish a try, it looked like something my younger kids would really dig.   What is it? Speekee Spanish is a Spanish program for children ages 3-elementary. Through a series of videos, children are introduced to Spanish through songs, puppets, and skits. Each episode also contains downloads that go along with the lesson. What’s the Cost? Online access: $7.50 per month What did we think? While I can’t say that my kids can speak Spanish just from watching the videos just yet, we also aren’t through the whole series. My oldest (age 8) didn’t really like Speekee, … [Read more...]


PowerSpeak Spanish Update

I promised an update on how we like our PowerSpeak Spanish program and a lovely reader reminded me I haven’t done it yet! We’ve been using it for about 5 months now and I have to say we still LOVE it! (Click here to read my initial review) This program really makes learning a language fun and exciting. As a parent I love the features they have on your dashboard. You can have more than one student (they each login separately) and it has a parent section so you can go in and check progress, grades etc.  We definitely plan to continue on to Spanish 2 when we’ve finished with Spanish 1. The only thing I don't like is that they don’t have more lessons! Currently they only offer Language Levels 1 & 2 for elementary level students, each level is 6 months to complete, so you could potentially do both in a year. So that means there’ll be a big break, then the next avail. lessons are Levels 1-2 for middle school. I think that might bit of a jump for my 7 year old to move into a … [Read more...]


PowerSpeak: Spanish Lessons

We are trying a new software called PowerSpeak for Spanish. Rosetta stone just got too hard too fast without explaining what they were doing and a friend recommended this program to me. I don’t like forking out cash when we’ve already purchased something else (praise God I got Rosetta for CHEAP!), but Spanish just wasn’t happening at this point and it was either change or quit, so… We plunged into PowerSpeak , and so far my daughter LOVES it! They have fun interactive games to play to re-enforce the vocabulary they’ve learned in each lesson. The lessons are so fun, that a crowd usually gathers to watch. When you first log-in, you create an Avatar that you get to design, then as you go through the program, you earn money that can later be spent on sprucing up your Avatar.Once lessons start there are 2 kids who tell stories, the first time is in English and as they repeat the story, they add in more words in Spanish. Each lesson is followed by various games that help to … [Read more...]