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Summer Boredom Buster: Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Welcome to another semi-educational summer boredom buster! Today we’re making homemade sidewalk chalk, yep, from scratch. This recipe is fairly easy, I will warn you it can get a little messy, but all in all it went well! And, what better way to get kiddos outside and playing than some homemade sidewalk chalk! It provides hours of entertainment, while at…

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Summer Boredom Buster: Science & Math

Welcome to another semi-educational summer boredom buster! Today we’re experimenting with mystery potions and color mixing! I will start off by saying that I highly recommend you do the science lab color mixing activity O U T S I D E. Outside. Do it outside. Are you outside? Okay, we can begin… Supplies: Plastic measuring containers, bowls etc Safety glasses,…

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Summer Boredom Buster: Bridge Activities

Welcome to another day of Kids Summer Boredom Buster ideas!   Today we’re taking a break from mindless fun and going towards a little educational refresher. I don’t know what the difference is for my kiddos, but they seem to love the Carson Dellosa Summer Bridge activity books. And since they’re literally ZERO planning on my part, I love them…

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Summer Boredom Buster: DIY Play-Doh

Welcome to another day of Summer Boredom Busters by Erica! Today we’re making DIY No Cook Play-Doh!   Okay, so I know this stuff has been around forever, but it’s still a great summer boredom buster. Tho’ I will admit, last time I made it it was a little sticky! But with the amount my kids go through I thought…

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Summer Boredom Buster: DIY Bird Feeder

Hi everyone! I had so many ideas for  the iHomeschool Network blog hop last week that I decided to extend it a little on my blog so I could share everything. So today we’re talking about DIY bird feeders. I love the idea of watching all those cute feathered friends cruising around in our back yard. So we could get…

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Summer Boredom Busters: Moon Dough

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 5 of my Summer Boredom busters series. Some days I wonder what the heck I’m thinking. For example days when I say “Hey kids, let’s make some moon dough.” I really dislike moon dough. My kids really like moon dough. Who knew a little flour and some baby oil could keep my kids busy for…

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Summer Boredom Busters: Leaf Art

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 4 of my Summer Boredom busters series!   One of our favorite activities to do is crafts with leaves. We did this later in summer when leaves are changing, but you can really do it anytime and even use things like flower petals, berries, leaves, small sticks, and any other materials you find.    …

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Summer Boredom Busters: Rock Art

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 3 of my Summer Boredom busters series! I don’t know about you, but my kids love to collect rocks. Then bring them inside. Name them. Wash them. And leave them on my table in a nice pile. So I decided to take advantage of that desire to hoard rocks and have them gather any stray…

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Carson Dellosa Summer Bridge Review & Giveaway!

Looking to add a little education into your summer days? Summer Bridge Activities are the perfect answer! Keeping up with your students reading, math, and other basic skills over the long summer break is important. I’m not sure if this happens to your kids, but it seems like a few weeks after school is out my kids seem to forget…

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Kids Activity Ideas to Help Fight Summer Boredom

So, it’s been about 30 seconds since school ended for Summer and the kids are already bugging me! “What can we do?…We’re bored…Waah, waah, waah!” My first response “We can do school!” Um…that usually fends them off long enough for me to come up with something fun to do. Since I tend to focus most of my efforts on our…

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