We are finishing our letter L week today. I’ve decided to repeat activities teaching them to her one day then letting her do them on her own the next. I think this has helped her remember things a bit better.

Today she has our letter L magnet page, downloaded from making learning fun. I got these magnets from Amazon, and also made my own pom-pom magnets you can see in this post, to change things up a bit.

A lowercase L coloring page:

Finishing up our colorbook:

Little Foot Bottle Cap Letter matching page.

And her cookie shape puzzles, she loves these and its been a bit since I’ve put them in her box!

Reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and putting up our Letter L

Calendar Counting, she did today on her own since it was only 1-3

And to celebrate our completion of the letter L family fun night: Lasagna (maybe a lollipop!) and Little Mermaid!

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