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I’m working on future letters and thought I’d put a shout out to anyone who has ideas for different games to make. I’m doing basically the same series for each letter so far. It’s good in that repetition solidifies the skills we are working on, but I think I’d like to throw in some new stuff as well. If you have any ideas or requests, now is your chance! Leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see from future letter sets!


  1. Hi. I love the alphabet activity pages you make and are so kind to share with us. Most of them I can use as is with my children (my son has multiple special needs so I need to adapt some things).I'd love to learn how you create your activity pages so I could make some specialty ones for my SN son – that is if you don't mind sharing some of your creative secrets with me. Feel free to PM me on this.Other than that, I'd personally love to see "M is for monkey" or some other such thing. We can't do candy in our home so the M'n'M theme is kind of like rubbing salt in a wound (if you know what I mean). I LOVE the colors though!Anyway, your ideas are great and I really appreciate you sharing them with us. We'll be doing the ABC theme lessons for another couple years (with my son at least) so I am gathering as many activities and materials I can use to make the lessons interesting. Please email me about sharing the "how-to" info. I appreciate your creativity and your help.Blessings,K Hewettmama2gems [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Well, I typed up this lengthy email then proceeded to lose it all!!! :(THANK YOU for all of the hard work you do to create these letter activity pages! You must spend a TON of time working on these, because it takes me a long time just to print and cut!! We usually do most all of the activities you provide, along with some of the things from No Time for Flashcards, and some of the things from Kids Soup. Do you still make the tracer cards for each letter? We enjoyed these and I have tried to make my own … worked okay, but I have to adjust the size some!! LOL!!I am not sure if I got the idea from your blog or somewhere else, but I have been adding a Letter search for each letter. I do both capital and lower case each week and my dd is able to "find" the letter we are studying in the puzzle. She seems to like this. Do you want ideas for the letters themselves or other ideas for things to do? If you want letter ideas, I can try to send some ideas soon. Let me know. Kathy

  3. Hi,We are sooo thankful for all the work you do. I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks now, but we're having so much fun. One of our favorite things are the do-a-dot worksheets. Anyway, what do you think about J is for Jesus? Maybe sometime around Christmas. Guess I'm not so creative as that's my only idea.. Blessings,Jenny

  4. How about a cut & paste activity? One page has just the outline of the fish (or whatever). The next page has a large fish (that would fit in the outline) that the mom cuts into 3 pieces. The child has to assemble the fish and glue it into the outline.

  5. Hi again, I was wondering if you could make a (or 2, upper and lower case) flash card each week with the appropriate theme? I'm thinking it may make review easier because, they identify the letter so much with the theme. I'd like to say again how much we love doing all of your activities. Thanks so much for all your hard work.Blessings,Jenny


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