Hi, I’m trying to post boxes for my other grades here and there just for fun. Here’s what’s in my 2nd grader’s box for Friday:

1. Math U See Beta,
2. Word/Build/Write for spelling practice (Scroll down on Erin’s blog to get to her word/build/write download) Click here to get a MS Word template for my spelling word cards. (The words in red are sight words)

3. Abekaphonic cards game, we hop down the stairs for each right word
4. Dice Math game, click here to download! You roll the dice to fill in the first 2 blocks, then add to get your answer. I also have a subtraction one in the download!

5. Draw Write Now, Book 7: Animals of the World she picked the Kangaroo today
6. AbekaPhonics worksheet

7. Abeka Math worksheet, we are still finishing our book from last year, its all good.
8. Typing practice from Sue Patrick, it comes free when you purchase her ebook. We love it!

9. Birds, Nests & Eggs reading. We love that this correlates with the state birds we learn!

That’s it for Friday’s boxes! Have a great weekend!

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