Whatever would possess me to mop my floor before doing our edible Christmas Trees I’ll never know, but just fyi…not a wise choice. And might I just add that I doubt my kitchen will ever fully recover from the glitter after this year’s Christmas Craft month.


Anyhow, with the potential mess embraced…today we read about The Christmas Tree in The Adventure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday Traditions, then we made our edible Christmas tree’s.



  • Sugar cones
  • Green frosting (Or white frosting with green food coloring added in)
  • Various sprinkles for decorating such as: Red Hots, mini-m&ms;, sprinkles, edible glitter etc.
  • Butter knife to spread frosting
  • Plastic tray or cookie sheet to work on. (I love these trays from Lakeshore we use them for everything including beads, moon-sand, play-doh, glitter projects, anything that can be potentially disastrous to my kitchen.)


  • Spread green frosting all over cone.
  • Roll in sprinkles, glitter etc
  • Push on red-hots or mini m&m; for ornaments
  • Eat!



IMG_2418 IMG_2419


  1. Thank you very, my children loved this and it was very messy, but so worth it. It is very encouraging to have ideas of christian based activities that the whole family can enjoy. Last night we used your mini-van express idea and the kids got a kick out of finding the golden tickets, they felt very important. Thanks again and God bless, Kayce


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