We did a new type of painting today called “dabbing”. The goal is to mix the paint on the paper instead of the plate. So in order to do paint “dabbing” one must carefully dip their brush into a couple colors on the palette, then dab it gently onto the paper. This creates a nice mixing effect of colors on the paper.

Despite the fact that two key proponents of this activity (carefully & gently) contrast sharply with our tendencies, the little budding artists did quite well with this.

Here’s my 2nd grader’s work:

IMG_2887 IMG_2883

My kindergartner’s work:

IMG_2882 IMG_2885

Even my 3 year old figured out how to mix her primary colors to create secondary colors. Call me a mean mom, but this year I only bought red, blue, yellow paint (and white for shade variation).


She was even so kind as to share her recipe for orange with everyone else, you know, since it was be kind to one another day in our Love Dare!

The paint dabbing lesson and student work pages were taken from our Art Book:

I Can Do All Things


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