1. oh how funny-all this time I was thinking you were a part of this but I see you are the sponsor-LOL..guess I will try to linky up next week. If I get my camera and self pumped and ready-may take a few days off next week prior to Easter….thanks for doing this…good to see what other 2nd graders are doing. :0)

  2. Our of curiosity, why do you do 2 maths? I'm just wondering, my son (6) is doing Math-U-See, he did the first book pretty fast and we're about 1/3 done with the alpha book now…he loves it. Just wondering if you've run into any problems w/ M.U.S. or if it's just the way you do things? Thanks!

  3. Ooh I like this! When we get a bit more organized I'll link up! We did math u see for a few years then switched back to Saxon and my oldest is doing Teaching text books now – love it!I will go back to MUS with my 5 year old…They all learn so differently…Blessings!Camie

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