Since this blog is called “Confessions…” I have one.  When I first started homeschooling, I didn’t understand what a “File Folder Game” was. I downloaded all these fun games and just kept them in a manilla envelopes. It wasn’t until this year when we started Lapbooking, that I realized what a File Folder Game was! I immediately went and gathered my manilla envelope games, and put them into file folders and voila!
Here is a gathering of all the file folder games we did this year, just click on the Titles to download:
Paint Brush Color Matching:
 IMG_4009 IMG_4010
Numbers Cards by Homeschool Creations (This goes 1-20):
Puppy Match Up by File Folder Fun: (Memory Matching)
Fishy Faces by File Folder Fun: (Memory Matching)
Apple Matching by Homeschool Share:
Shades of Color (to be used with paint chips): This is game I ended up making into a file folder game. You can download my color grid here, and I used a 1 1/4″ square punch to punch the colors out.
Candy Cane Color Match by File Folder Fun:
Animal Fur Match by Homeschool Share:
Space Rhymes by File Folder Fun:
IMG_4011 IMG_4012
Pumpkin Patch Phonics by File Folder Fun:
IMG_4013 IMG_4014
Acorn Addition and Subtraction by File Folder Fun:
IMG_4015 IMG_4016
IMG_4030 IMG_4031
Raking Leaves by File Folder Fun:
IMG_4017 IMG_4018
Daniel in the Lion’s Den Time Matchup by Bible Story Printables:
Snowman Compound Words by File Folder Fun:
That’s it for 2010 File Folder Fun! Hope you found some that look fun for your family too!


  1. Wonderful and, sorry, but I had to giggle!Wow has so much stuff! I think I can hear my printer groan.We've still only used one (your paint brush match) but I really need to make more. As always you are an inspiration.

  2. I love file folder games! I have made a few for my son but once he's mastered them, they just lay there. I would love to see a post on re-purposing these games. I have come up with Memory (by printing an extra set of cards, etc)…any other ideas?

  3. Thanks for confessing. Here's my confession. I'm still not clear on what lapbooking is! 🙂 I'll go do some reading on the link you provided. Thanks. When we stop trying to seem like we know it all, that is when we can really learn isn't it?Cool games. My kids are going to love them this year.


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