As we go through our Letter of the Week Curriculum, we always refer back to the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book at the end of each letter we learn. My daughter still loves this book no matter how many times we read it! Once we’re done learning each letter we add it to our Chicka Boom Palm tree to show all the letters she knows. We also use the tree to review learned letters.

I found this super cute Palm Tree (link to Amazon) at a local teacher store, but you could easily make one with construction paper too!

We also made this fun lapbook (links to download are below)


It includes numbers, upper and lowercase letters, a coconut fold out book to practice their name, a color book and a shapes identification game.


Here are some close-ups:

IMG_3607 IMG_3608

More Chicka Chicka Resources:


  1. love the lapbook! I had a CCBB tree in my preschool classroom,(when I taught before my little one was born!) and the kids loved adding letters to it as we learned them. And ours was made of construction paper, my husband made it for me! I will have to try to find a pic, it was really good! 🙂

  2. I almost bought the tree, it sure is a cute one! Instead, I opted for brown package wrapping to use as my tree and dark green craft foam for palm tree branches. Coconuts will be some sort of brown paper. Your letters are laminated and ready to go — great idea!!


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