We recently got our hands on some of these fun Scratch and Sketch books! These super cute books come with a small blurb about each item and a drawing for the kids to copy if they so choose.

The pages are black and each book comes with a wooden stylus used to ‘scratch’ the image into the black coating.


Of course they each have a different fun background that will show through as you draw the picture.


Here are some of our creations:

This book is a fun art addition to our workboxes whenever we have an open spot!

We have the Rainforest Scratch and Sketch (Sorry, I can’t find this one on Amazon) and the Under The Sea Scratch and Sketch.


  1. Those ARE fun! I buy plain scratch-and-sketch sheets in bulk, and I have a big stack of them, with a few styluses, on one of the homeschool shelves in the study. I love the things that my girls create with them!

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