Thanks to some of my wonderful blog readers we were able to come up with the coolest boards for our Geography Fair this year!


My daughter did China, she read a wonderful report and presented her Great wall of China display. (Her outfit came from a lovely friend of mine,  I realize it’s a little more Japanese, but don’t tell her that!)

My son did his report on Japan, he was a total super star. His sister sat quietly by incase he needed help with bigger words, and after the morning practice we did I was slightly concerned for the audience. But it’s so cool when you get to see your kids just bring it to the table when the pressures on! He did better than I could’ve hoped and even pushed his sister away letting her know he didn’t need her help.

You can’t tell because he’s in front of them, but thanks to my mom he had real Samurai Swords to show off, of course this was his favorite part of the display! (They’re shown in the top picture if you’re interested, and no, they weren’t sharp, more like letter openers, but still cool to little guy!)

Thanks to all of you generous readers out there for sending fun items to add to our boards, the kids loved them and were totally excited to do their presentations this year!


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