I was tired of boring Letter Hunt worksheets, so I made these whimsical Letter Hunt stories to go along with my Letter of the Week K4 additions. The worksheets include any alternative letter theme’s I have made as well.


I suggest that you read the short story to your preschooler then have them find and circle all of the letters for that worksheet. Alternatively you can have them highlight the letter with a Do-A-Dot marker.

I hope you find the stories fun and whimsical while at the same time providing a good way to challenge your child to identify specific letters within a group of other letters.

Click here or on the image above to download the Letter Hunt Worksheets

These activities are part of my K4 level expansion to my Letter of the Week Curriculum, click on the images below to see more activities. The K4 curriculum isn’t quite finished yet, so until I get it packaged all nice and purdy you can download from my posts!

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  1. These are fantastic! Do you have any for different pronunciation of the sounds – that wasn’t explained very well, was it?! What I am looking for is I for Ice instead of I for Igloo. If that makes sense. My son is called Isaac and I would like to teach him the long i sound in his name and thought these would be a fun activity to do with him

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. Every time I have been stuck for ideas, I only have to look on your website and I find a wealth of resources that I always use with my Nursery kids.
    Thank you again, all your hard work is highly appreciated.

  3. Hi Erica, Thank you so much of all the information that you prepare in your blog. I got your Kindy materials for my daughter as she is 6 now. Just want to check as how do you observe the children’s learning style. i find my daughter loves drawing, doing craft, dancing at home, and making up songs. However when come to read the words, she cannot really remember what she just reads. Any suggestion as what i should try to help her.
    Many thanks
    Charis from Sydney


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