I always get so excited for Guidecraft review day!! That’s right, we have another fun giveaway and review from Guidecraft!

This week we had the pleasure of reviewing the Nesting Sort & Stack Cubes and Cylinders! This one was mainly for the Teeny Tot, but I’ve caught the other kids playing with the blocks to see how high of a tower they could build as well!


I have to say that I absolutely LOVE these games for my Teeny Tot! They are very Montessori like. The cubes each have a solid side and hollow side which allows to nest and stack, they are different colors and even are slightly smaller between the colors too.


I was actually impressed with my Teeny Tot’s logical abilities with this. She carefully started off putting each piece back in place. Next she nested all of the blocks, and finally she started experimenting some, stacking, mixing colors etc.


Since we got this, she’s pulled it out regularly to play with. We practice sorting by color, size, stacking, nesting, and size sorting on the yellow base.


Alright fine, I’ve played with them some too, sadly the Teeny Tot came to see my creation and got great satisfaction knocking them down, ugh!


Wanna hear the best part? Guidecraft is of course offering a giveaway for our mom blog readers YAY! Thanks Mail Carrier is hosting the giveaway for us this month!

Click on the image BELOW to enter to win your own set of Nesting Sort & Stack Cubes!


I am part of the Guidecraft Mom Bloggers who are teaming up to write reviews for Guide Craft! We’ll be doing lots of reviews and giveaways throughout the year so make sure to stay tuned in!


Disclosure: I was provided me with a free set of Nesting Cubes and Cylinders to review on my blog. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.


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