One area I’ve neglected slightly this year is our physical education. I started with great intentions, but never really followed through with making a schedule. Since our kids do dance, gymnastics, swimming and t-ball through out the year, I thought that was enough. But after reading this post from Homegrown Mom, I was inspired! Yes, I know it’s half way through the year, but better late than never right!


Click here to download the PE Activity Cards

Staying active is so important and so easy to push aside, I’m guilty as ever! I really want to be more consistent and creative with our exercise. I also want to keep the activities different each day so we don’t get bored. I thought these cards would be an easy way to  get us moving with little to no thought on my part.

So, I got busy and created some cute activity cards that we can use to guide our activities. I may put them in our workboxes, or if you notice, they just happen to be the same size and color as my Chore Chart cards! I wouldn’t actually pay the kids to do these activities, but it might be fun surprise to find one in their chore cards for the day!

Another good place to stick these would be behind their name in the chore chart. That way they’d know which activity we were doing that day. I find that putting things in plain sight of my kids really helps keep me accountable for actually following through!

I also created this tracking sheet, I mark we’ve done and keep records for any progress we make! It’s nothing fancy, but I make a simple note of what we do each day. When we first started, I took inventory for each activity to see how many sit ups everyone could do, how many lunges, how many high kicks, etc. Mid-year, I do another test, and at the end of the year I’ll do another one. This way we can actually see our progress!


Click here to download the PE Record Tracking worksheets

  • Make sure to stop by Homegrown Mom and read her post, she has tons of great tips to keep you motivated!
  • This is just a simple way to get your family moving, for a more comprehensive schedule of lessons and activities, visit: PE Lesson Plans!

Disclaimer: I am clearly not a professional! As always, please use common sense when exercising, and check with your doctor before beginning any physical exercise program!


  1. Thank you for sharing so many amazing ideas and resources!I love your blog and think you deserve being awarded the Stylish Blogger award! I received it from several others and would love to learn more about you! Blessings,Marlana

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