Pom-poms! I remember making tons of little animals and things using pom-poms when I was younger! While I remember it being easy, I actually had to Google how to make them again, but it was as I remembered, super easy! And a great project for kids too!



  • Cardboard rectangle (mine is about 1.5” wide and yielded a 2” pom-pom)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn


Step 1: Wrap the yarn around your piece of cardboard approximately 100 times for a 2” pom-pom, or 50 times for a 1” pom-pom. This is great for counting practice!


Step 2: Carefully bend cardboard in half to remove roll of yarn. Cut a 5” piece of string and lay yarn roll across it, then tie it in a knot trying to keep both sides of the yarn even.


Step 3: Carefully cut along the folded edge of the yarn all the way around your pom-pom:


Step 4: Fluff up your pom-pom rolling it in a ball in your hands. Then give it a considerable “haircut”. I smash mine flat like an Oreo then cut along the edges, then squish it flat the opposite direction and cut again.


Step 5: Do something fun with your new creations!



This is a very cute project for kids, easy to do and lots of fun options when you’re done!

Click here to see my entire post on pom-poms at Heart of the Matter Online including instructions on how to make the above American Girl Doll pom-pom scarf project!


  1. I learned how to make pom-poms in my philosophy class in college. The teacher had us wrap the yarn around the cardboard while we introduced ourselves. Then she finished off the pom-pom, and would keep it on her desk. If someone had something to say, she would throw them the pom-pom. Then they would throw the pom-pom to the teacher, or another student if they had a comment. Yes, in college. Why I didn't think about doing it with my kids, I don't know. I don't even have any yarn, but next time we go to the craft store…

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