Hello and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on the United States of America! My daughter told me at the start of this lesson, mom, we live here, we don’t need to study it!


Here are some more of the fun things we learned about on our expedition this week:


We review oceans and continents then the countries we’ve learned randomly through out the week as well.


Here is our animal wall, it’s getting so full, I think we may have to re-organize soon…ugh! Cool to see all the animals we’ve learned so far though!


We learned about the US flag, and I’m please to say that my children know what each element of the flag stands for. Unfortunately, despite my repeatedly telling them, they still can’t get why it’s not allowed to touch the ground.


Here are our completed US lapbook components. We’ll eventually add these to a world wide lapbook.


We worked on our mapping worksheets, and apparently decided putting star stickers all over our face would make it look like the US flag.


Here’s our USA whiteboard, we review these facts each day and sing our USA song for fun!


As we were enjoying this yummy snack, my daughter asked me “mom, do people from the US really eat flag snacks?” I said “well, you live in the US and you’re eating one, so I guess so!”


USA Flag Snacks: Ingredients: Graham crackers, 8oz cream cheese block, 8oz marshmallow cream. 1 C blueberries, 1 C strawberries, julienned. Directions: Mix cream cheese and marshmallow cream until smooth. Spread onto graham cracker, use blueberries for stars then add strawberries for stripes.

Next we made Navajo sand paintings. This was super fun, and super messy! I suggest doing this one on your plastic trays or cookie sheets to contain some of the sand! Also, prepare the base coat of sand the night before so it has time to dry, I forgot to do this so we had to postpone our craft until the following day!


Thanks for joining us on our expedition through the United States of America, we’re on to Mexico next week!

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    1. Hi! Yes, it is included. depending on when you downloaded the curriculum, you may have an older copy. If your cover was all blue, it should be in the Teacher’s Manual.. If it’s red and blue, it will be in the Student Workbook. Email me if you don’t see it and I can send you new download links!


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