Oh my, can you believe it’s already May? I really don’t know where the year has gone, but I do know that we’re almost out for summer! Yipee! I’m totally ready for a break! Yes, I take summer’s off to relax, re-group and get things ready for next year. Also, if I didn’t take a break I think I’d be sent away to a padded room.


So that means it’s time for an updated meal plan! I’m hoping to add some yummy summer recipes soon, but didn’t quite get to it in time for this month. So look for those in June!

And, no I don’t actually cook every single day. I skip days to go out or eat left overs, but this at least gives me something to plan for!

Click below to download your preferred file type:

  • May 2011 Meal Plan ~ PDF
  • May 2011 Meal Plan ~ Word Doc


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